After long runs

Help needed!!! After my long Sunday runs usually 2days afterwards I'm always struck down with a cold that last a couple of days. Does anybody have any tips on how to avoid this I eat vrery healthy and drink plenty but can't seem to avoid this. Is it just a given that this will always happen given your putting your body through a lot on the long runs? Any help most appreciated


  • I may have had something similar. this year I've been training for a marathon and 2 days after my first 20 miler, I came down with a cold. took it easy for a few days, then built up again and a fortnight later diid a second 20, and got the same cold again.

    I took a full 8 days off, to make sure that I'd really cleared the cold out, and have been clear (touch wood) ever since. Maybe you've taken too much out, and you're just continually relapsing? Take some time out, recover properly and then try getting out.

  • I would say from previous experience (of which I don't have much 10+ miles) it's a sign of over training? The body losing all energy and minerals to fight infection?
  • I did my first ever 10 miler at the weekend and I now have a cold. Mrs M also has a cold and didn't run at all. maybe you just got two colds?
  • I find this weather is deceiving, you think you are warm when running but after 15miles you can slow down. This inevitably means that you are cooling down while being outside in small amounts of clothing.

     I later discovered of course that the reason for my slowing down was due to not onboarding enough pre-run and during (electrolytes are a special thing!).

    Though it does sound like you are experiencing high levels of fatigue. How have your 15-20milers been going? Have you been left feeling rough and no good to anyone?

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