Manchester marathon

I am so excited about the Manchester marathon! It is my first marathon at the grand age of 45. I am following the beginners plan on the website. I did 19.2 today and plan 21 for 2 weeks time. A friend suggested doing 21 then an extra 5.2 is less daunting on the day. Does anyone have any tips about this marathon? Good luck to all those enteringimage


  • Firstly - WELL DONE image

    I ran two marathons last year and I am running two this year - one being M/CR marathon image     

    I have ran a maximum of 22 miles in training for each marathon and have been absolutely fine on the day for the previous two and Im sure I will be fine for M/CR.   The crowd will push you for the last 4.2 miles anyway.

    Im sure you will have a fantastic day and dont set off too fast - keep to your own pace.

    M/CR marathon was last held 10 years ago so dont really have any tips!!

    Have a fab day and I am sure this will be the 1st of many marathons you enter - it does get addictive!!!!!

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