Big capacity bottle belt

I'm into my long training runs for a marathon in May and tend to find that for runs of 12 miles or more I tend to drink a whole running bottle (500ml) of energy drink/water. I've tried a camelbak with a 1 litre capacity but I found I got extremely sweaty/soaking back as a result. I'm after a double bottle belt or a camel bak worn on the waist (if such a thing exists) that will take a litre of fluid or more.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • Camelbak Flashflo ?
  • Cheers Cougie - will investigate.
  • I have salomon double bottle carrier, it's a great alternative to a camelbak and comfy to wear, carries 1 litre
  • Camelbak delaney is an option. One of the models has two water bottles.

    I wore a Camelbak Delaney Plus the other day on a 20 miler - it has one water bottle, one gel bottle, and plenty of storage space. I found it necessary to adjust the waist strap occassionally as the bottle begins to bounce. It wasn't too annoying - but not the perfect solution.
  • Bill - I've had a Flashflo for years and it's superb for long runs. holds up to 1.4l of fluid and once you get used to it being there is very comfy. they key is to suck any excess air out which stops annoying sloshing noises and as it empties, pull the belt a little tighter to stop it moving.

    C'bak sell a range of waistbelt bladder systems but the FF is the biggest capacity

    Inov8 sell something similar but I don't know it's capacity
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