Any tight mens running shorts that dont make you look a gimp?

OK in winter I run in skins under my shorts, I like the zero chaffing this helps with and the feel of support around teh thighs and hamstrings, when it warms up I have some ronhill shorts with lycra cycle shorts underneath built in, again these are good and very comfy but for the London Marathon im thinking of wearing just tight shorts, like cycle shorts etc. I want to be as light as possible so obviously wearing just 1 layer on my legs rather then the 2 if I wore my 2 in 1 ron hill shorts would help and again the compression of lycra shorts helps  my quads and hamstrings too.

Thing is I dont wanna be running round with my meat and 2 veg on display lol,  is it common practise for men to wear these type of shorts, especially during marathons and if so anyone recommend a good pair?



  • It's a race not a fashion show. Plenty of people run in those shorts - you can buy them from the expo or the London marathons website.
  • Nah ill buy before and do some runs in them to make sure im suited, I heard adidas supernova are good.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Surely trying to combine wearing only one later of tight lycra, whilst not displaying your meat and two veg in all their glory, is a physical impossibility??

    If you're willing to compromise on the support aspect I can recommend Viga shorts which are what I use for racing.  Pretty skimpy and very light, but still maintaining some dignity.

  • Don't worry mate. Nobody will care that you have a small penis.
  • It doesn't really matter does it? You're running a marathon for god's sake - wear what feels comfortable.
  • And you blokes accuse us girls of being shallow image

    Wear whatever feels comfortable, we're not interested in ogling your bits - well not unless you're exceptionally fit and gifted. image

  • The answer to your question in the thread title is "No".
  • I've been out for a run in my new Viga shorts this morning. I went out early and they felt good.  However later on there were more people about and I did feel self conscious in them,  it felt as if everyone was looking at my crotch. I'm sure they weren't. 

    It did improve my 10k time though as I wanted to get back home quickly image I'm sure I'll get use to them, not sure if my kids will though.

  • Hallam BlueHallam Blue ✭✭✭

    Can anyone recommend some gimp wear suitable for running?  Lycra ball gag? Non-chafing nipple clamps -you know the sort of thing.  If I get a VLM place next I quite fancy getting on the telly. 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Being a woman, I obviously don't have any meat/veg display problems, but I do find the tight lycra shorts are much hotter and feel more restrictive than the loose 2-in-one style with a liner, even if they are only one layer. Phil's recommendation looks like the lightest and most comfortable you're likely to find.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    PS: Hallam Blue, I saw this guy at a race:

    sort of a Where's Wally gimp aesthetic.

  • How about a cod-piece?

  • literatin wrote (see)

    PS: Hallam Blue, I saw this guy at a race:

    sort of a Where's Wally gimp aesthetic.

    That looks quite transparent, his tat is clearly visible on his chest.  If the whole suit is like that, them his cock and balls may well be out there for all to see.

  • Lycra shorts and race belt with number covering your 'shame'?? image

  • Does my cock look big in thisimage

    Are you listening Runners World. This is the big question that many male 'members' are struggling to deal with every time they step out the door. Please investigate and publish the findings. Literatin has already demonstrated the ability to take on an in depth investigation at her club - she may be available on a freelance basis to research nationwide.

  • Can you give me  a reference or link to that gimps wear tight running shorts? I thought it was leather they were in to?

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