One for the ladies.......

Theres no way to put this delicatly, ive just worked out that my period is due the day before the VLMimage. I do find that the week leading up to, and during my period really affects my running... sore boobs, heavy legs, water retention etc, etc

Im not on the pill, and so wondered if anybody had any advice on anything that I could take to either bring it on early (long shot I know) or enable me to delay it, or even better skip it altogether?

Im dreading the idea of trying to drag my bloated, aching belly for 26 miles, all the while worrying about getting to a loo to avoid any "accidents"

Any advice i would be massivly grafeful for image


  • There are drugs (norethisterone is one) you can take that will delay it - just go to your GP and explain the situation. They tend to be safe, but can have a knock on effect on your cycle for a couple of months afterwards - making it slightly unpredictable/lighter/heavier.

    There's nothing I know of that can bring it on earlier, and as for skipping it - a contraceptive pill will do the trick if you don't have a break in the course of the tablets, but that's more of a long-term thing.  

  • I'm likely to be in the same situation having realised on Wednesday and so I've made an appointment to see my GP next week. In the past (when it coincided with my finals at Uni) I've gone on the pill for a short period to delay the start of my period which worked ok except that I was heavy the next time. At least you have time to sort something out image
  • Thanks for the advice, Im going to make an appointment with my doc, to have a chat about norethisteroneimage
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭

    I'm in a similar situation. Got my period today, as I discovered on return from my 15 mile run.  Running seems to bring my period on. So I think I might just get it during the marathon!

    I'm hoping that worrying about my period will a) take my mind off the pain of the race, and b) give me something to think about for the 5+ hours....!

    And tampax will be another handy thing I'll have to cart around with me.

    Good luck!

  • Get pregnant????????????????- that'll solve the problem for 9 months!
  • mmm, it's a solution Tricialitt. Might have a few other side effects though! image

    Personally, being on the pill, I checked the calender ~ 3 months ago and adjusted accordingly. Ran two packs together to bring it forward a week and safely out of the way.

  • kaffeeg wrote (see)

    And tampax will be another handy thing I'll have to cart around with me.

    Have you heard of Mooncups? They solve a lot of hassle when out on long distance rides, runs etc

  • Yep vote here for norethisterone and mooncups - mooncups get emptied and reinserted so no need to carry anything else although I wouldn't recommend marathon day as the first time you use one
  • *pads off to google mooncups*
  • Have to say I tried mooncups and simply couldn't get on with it. But in principle, they could be great - just possibly not for everyone. Not something you want to be trying for the first time on the day of a marathon, imo.

  • I love mine HL but you are right not a 'try out on marathon day' type of thing

    If you can handle applicatoress tampons you can handle mooncups and I for one could never could get the hang of no applicator tampons

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