I am tempted ......

... to start a lot of threads just to get a page full of threads with my name on them.  But even I am not that sad.

Ever get the urge to indulge your altar ego?


  • 'alter' ago surely   image
  • or perhaps you do have a longing to join the cloth  image
  • 'alter' ago surely   image
  • BDB - yes I do fight the urge to indulge my alter ego image

    It would be a bit carnage like, running through a few threads telling them what I think.  The thing is that the only person who would look stupid would be me (I've seen another poster do this occasionally and it just reflects on her)

  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    'alter' ago surely   image

    Ah, the dangers of late night post pub posting image

    It is very tempting at times OW, but you are probably right.

  • I have a picture in my mind of a superman type hero dressed in a monks costume...........glad i have read this this morning not last night or i might have had some weird dreams
  • It could be a Druid type super hero who has his secret hide out under Stonehenge and channels the power of hippy to solve crime.
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