Garmin 910xt should i buy one?

I have used my trusty forerunner 305 for many years as a runner and have loved it! I am now hooked into the wonderful world of triathlon and as a complete gadget fan i have been looking at multisport watches. I have tried the swimmovate poolmate but have sent it back due to it fogging up and i wasn't that impressed with it's quality and the software package is poor.

So the Garmin 910xt seems to fulfil all my needs as a novice triathlete, i can take it to the pool/lake, on my bike and run! Has anyone got one and if so should i invest in one? and  will my cadence sensor that i use for my 305 work with the 910xt?



  • I would say 'Yes, yes, yes' but I am biased as I am a gadget geek and a stato and I love Garmin products

    I have a Forerunner 301, Edge 705, and the 310xt.  I love each of them. 

  • Lisa, I'm asking myself the same question. Toss up between spending my hard earned coin on that or some aerobars?
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  • What they said, and yes your 305 cadence sensor will work with the 910xt.
  • I have one and their great! They give you your lap time for each pool length, fantastic. And yes the work with a 305 cadence sensor cos the sensors are still exactly the same. Get one!
  • Got one the day it came out, amazing kit...get one.
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    If I didn't have a 310XT then I'd invest in one. Very useful and plenty of battery life to cover an Ironman or Ultra. I'm also getting a 305 as back-up.
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  • Briefly hijacking the Garmin madness... should I get an Edge 800? image
  • To match you new pink TT bike?image

  • This sexy beast??

  • SE only if you need maps otherwise the 500 is just as good.
  • nice bike! think the general consensus is yes get one, now where's my credit card!

  • as long as you got back ups - i considered it when it launched but as i only been into it for a year my gadgets were quite new, i always think with all-in-ones, if one thing goes it all goes but saying that if i didnt have the swimovate and garmins - edge 500 and fr210 i wouldnt be able to resist the geekiness of the 910, i just lob the fr210 under my swim hat in OW, for events i dont bother
  • Hmm, I have an Edge 800 but my trusty old Polar HRM for runs etc died. What to buy for runs? And will it be Edge 800 compatible so I don't have to wear 2 HRM belts?
  • Dusty, I've got an older style Garmin HRM somewhere if you want it! Something else for you to read as well! image
  • I have the 310xt, it pairs automatically with the Bontrager cadence and speed sensors on my road bike. Is a lot cheaper that the 910 (even cheaper on e-bay) and supplies more feedback than I need.

    I bought a velcro strap from my local Animal shop (yes, in orange and grey!). Now it takes just seconds to put it on/take it off rather than fiddling with the traditional strap.

    But, I'd say the 910 is better in the water... I still haven't tried the 310 under my swim hat though - has anyone else?. 

  • i use a 210 under my hat - works perfectly
  • I've used a 310 under my swim hat but generally found that I seemed to get a more accurate track if I didn't use the swim setting.

    Only used the 910 twice in OW so far, both times on the wrist and it seems to be much better for OW than the 310.  Plus, it produces awesome stats in the pool image

  • Mine arrived last week, my 405 been playing up for awhile now so decided to get the 910 as I'm training for my first triathlon this year, love all the info on swimming. Really love this watch. Works with my heart rate monitor and foot pod. Doing The Wolf Run this weekend can't decide if I'm brave enough to test out the multi sport transition function with all the muds and dirty water that we have to swim through! To answer your question, yes I would get one. So far so good! image
  • Twinkling Star - I am not sure the multi-sport function is relevant to The Wolf Run.  Multi sport is really for Tri (although it can be any number of disciplines) where there is a transition ie it will record the time spent in T1 and T2.

    I really can't see the benefit of wearing the 910xt for what is really a cross-country run with obstacles, but each to their own. image 

  • I know but I want to record my run and part of the run is that you have to swim but the 405 is not waterproof hence I thought I can switch to the swim mode and back to the run mode and see how smoothly it goes that was all.
  • TS - sorry if I am teaching granny to suck eggs, but you will have to set up the multisport function.

    Off the top of my head you would have to set up run, swim, then run, and maybe double-press 'lap' just before and just after the swim as you won't effectively have transitions.

    Unless, of course, the 910xt is slicker than the 310xt image

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    You put the transitions in as well - it's a check box. So you can leave them out if there are none.
  • Thanks guys. Schmunkee I guess I am.... LOL! I may become an even bigger geek now with all these swim data for me to look at. image
  • well i am now a proud owner of a 910xt thanks for all the advice here guys. Only used it for run today, picked up satellites quickly, heart rate monitor much nicer than my 305 strap. So far it is great! OW swim next week!

  • Got mine and must admit, initial thoughts are 'meh'. I've used it for a long bike and the output was spot on.

    However, the first couple of pool sessions have thrown up some really spurious data in terms of the distance it thinks I have done, number of lengths and stroke type. As this was one of it's main selling points it has really taken the shine of the product / experience.
  • shuffle's has already been returned as the battery failed

    Garmin customer service was spot on though, and a replacement turned up v quickly.
  • I have moaned non stop about the pool mode since I got mine.  But last night I made a concerted effort to be consistent in my touch and push off glide.  I measured against my stop watch and counted lengths in 10's and for the first time the data was spot on over the 60 lengths.
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