Garmin 910xt should i buy one?



  • Sgt Lard, I've added you. I'm 7755matt (Surprisingly enough) if anyone wants to know

  • Anyone have experience of changing the batteries in the HM? My 910 has stopped picking it up so seems the obvious place to start?
  • I had that problem - stole a battery out my Catseye - problem solved!

  • Easy job stanners , just do it, 4 screws IIRC, I use the old one though, lasts longer
  • Make sure you clean teh contact patches on teh strap. I changed the batteries in mine, changed teh sensor, then the batteries in the new sensor. Washing the strap helped in the end. I also find it helps to wet it well before putting it on

  • the straps that come with the 910 are carp any way, - if its the premium strap. do yourself a favour and get the older one thats a bit more rugged. if the electrode connections go internally (this can be measured with a multimeter - high resistance=fooked) you can snap the transmitter onto a wearlink strap but even they dont last too long. If you look on DCRainmakers site theres details and work arounds on there.


  • Gave in and finally bought a 910XT. It's supposed to be my reward to myself for finishing the Dambuster Duathlon. Except that that's next month. If I get a DNF, presumably I need to send it back!

    Happy to share training data with anyone who wants - although its not exactly iron-spec training.

  • Bought one as well. Total gear tart that I am. ChrisAldred68 on garmin connect
  • Well, my swim stroke's nothing that would worry Ms Adlington, despite the best efforts of the tri club swim coach, but the Garmin picked it up first time with no issues at all. Perfect measuring on strokes and lengths as far as I could tell.

    Felt a bit self conscious wearing the thing on poolside, though - it does stand out a bit!


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