sore sore feet!

Hi, hope I have posted this in the right place!

I have recently bought new asics and am experiencing extremely sore feet (the balls of the feet). I thought at first I just need to break the shoes in but 40 miles later still have the same problem.

I know it sounds like a small thing but they hurt for about 48 hours afterwards as well and are holding me back in my mileage.

Any advice? Socks? pads or anything?

I am running my first ever half marathon soon so really need to up my mileage!

Thanks very much



  • Advice: different shoes! Seriously, if you've run 40 miles in them and they're still making your feet hurt, they're the wrong shoes for you. Go back to your old shoes, whatever the mileage on them (unless they're actually falling to bits), and worry about changing to another pair after your HM.
  • Go back to the store you bought them at - especially if they provided a service to help you select the shoe. I know many of the stores will now do exchanges if you are having a problem with the shoes.

    Go with Debra's advice and change back to your old ones until you get another shoe.

    Good luck with 1/2M

  • Thanks guys! I will call the shop and see what they say. It is so frustrating, ran 8 miles today and lungs, legs and heart wanted to keep going but feet were just too sore!

    Thanks again


  • Just wanted to say thanks again for the advice.

    I took the shoes back to runners world shop in Chelmsford and they were great, they checked the fit and the soreness and considered that the shoes were too narrow at the top and have replaced them with a New Balance pair that already feel tons better.

    Thank you - I would never have considered taking them back without your advice.


  • Yay!!
    Have fun out there.
  • What socks are you using? Are you lacing them up too tight?

    Getting a refund or an exchange on shoes that you've worn outside is often tricky.
  • Great news! Good luck with the shoes and the running.
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