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I got some new trainers, expensive running shoes. Ive tried them 5 times now but they always seem to hurt my lower back. Ive got some flat old trainers(those indoor football ones) and i seem to be able to run better in these, is there a reason behind this? also i live in a built up area, would it be better joining a gym and using a tredmill or just have a few days off after every road run? I used to play indoor footbal and would get shin splints.  I dont play anymore but i dont want them again. Thanks


  • maybe you are better suited to minimalist running?

  • Ye, im running for fitness. So i dont need to be running more than 4 miles. Ive heard the same phrase a few times about running on concrete, "Youll pay for it when your older". But when i watch boxers' training, they are always on the road, doing alot of running and these are supposed to be elite athletes who cant risk injurys.
  • Sorry, wasnt very clear what I meant!

    what i meant by minimalist running is a reference to the minimalist & barefoot running shoes that there are a lot of at the moment. they all have little or no support for your feet and a forefoot and more natural running style is used. Perhaps you are more naturally suited to that running style, have no need for support and have strong arches?  if so that is why you get on so well with your flat trainers

    unless you have serious gait problems it shouldnt matter what you run on concrete wearing, people who run barefoot regularly run on hard surfaces with no problem.Its a matter of technique

    On the other hand you may just have just bought the wrong expensive trainers! did you get them fitted at a proper running shoe shop? Its worth getting a gait analysis to be sure.

  • I had this problem when i bought some reebook zigtechs. I went for one run, ended up hurting my ankle. Maybe i am suited to flat trainers. Il carry on with the flat ones, see how i go. Thanks for the advice. Im gonna have to google giat lol.

  • well you know what they say - if it ain't broke. . . . . .image
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