Run to the Beat London ??

Anybody know anything about the London run to the beat half marathon. I am looking to enter an autumn half marathon and in terms of location and date I thought this would be a good one - However the website only let you register interest - Surely they would be taking entries by now??????


  • For an autumn event?  It's still only March!
  • Yes I know still early - but they werent giving any details as to when you would be able to enter which usually for the bigger events there would be at least that info......HOWEVER as if by some psychic power I got my email to say I can now register!!! weird!
  • Read the reviews or the threads for the last years for summary overpriced, delayed and dull are three words that pop up when RttB is mentioned.
  • Yes does seem pretty pricey! Might re-think. Need a half mara in October time though.
  • Entries are open today for next 24 hours for those who pre-registered an interest  on the website - I received an email with a link to the entry a couple of hours ago. £46 seems steep but them so do a lot of the bigger city HM's. I don't need the  'free' T-Shirt, but the music is of more interest to me 

    The blurb suggests there are 19,000 running

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    Race entries for October arent uncommon - all of my races in October are already open and either full or pending.

    @Gem - take a look at the events section on here for a list of HM in October - there's lots in October from my memory - i'm running one nearly every weekend :/.If you're looking for something a bit different - I can recommend Cologne!

  • Some friends of mine did one Run to the Beat, and they haven't gone back for a second.

    The promised music largely didn't materialise - because it rained, I think?  Don't remember.

    I've done Amsterdam twice, that was a nice race.  And Amsterdam is a nice place for a weekend image

    Also, you don't need to scramble for places, you can enter at leisure.  Although I think it is open.

  • Cologne and Amsterdam sound great but not really do able for me as i need something local. i might give the RTTB one a go anyway. Its near and if they are ok with ipods then that's a bonus! Thanks for all your comments though!
  • Windsor's in the first week of October and is easy to get too from London plus is a late start at 1 so no rush to get there, so can get the train there and back. About an hour into waterloo so an option?


  • I did RTTB in 2010 and I enjoyed it. The course was short last year though, but it seems to be becoming harder to screen out organisers where that is a risk.

    Ealing HM will be also be held for the first time this year, I think that's October. 

  • I did it last year and was pleasantly surprised despite a lot of negativity on theses forums...
    Had a cracking time and hearing AC/DC (You Shook Me All Night Long) blasting out in front of the Old Royal Naval College was one my favourite moments of running ever.

    If you particularly worried about on course congestion then I think a predicted finish time of sub 1:40 got you in the front pen last year where there were no problems at all.
    As for the price it's about par for a big city half and you do get a proper Nike FIT running shirt which is worth £20-£25 and is infinitely better than the usual cotton souvenir type one you often get.

    Didn't get into the Royal Parks so will definitely be doing it again.
  • ...was bitten by this in its first year and haven't been back since to find out whether it's improved....

    in favour and against:

     1.  It is a "big city" marathon with crowds at some point of the course, although parts of it are fairly quiet...with approx 8,000 runners which gives you a sense of a big event...

    2. It's fairly overpriced and a dull course and with much cheaper and better organised events local to london for the same distance are on might feel a bit pushed financially...

    TBH: The inagural year heavily promoted and relied on the use of the O2 as a "base" for runners which transpired to be a load of nonsense there was no reciprical arrangement with the O2 and I believe it was this type of misleading information that led people to lose faith in the event not the transport issues and delays which were obviously out of their hands...

  • I'm going to be running it this year. Hopefully it's not as bad as people are making out!
  • I'm running as I need a larger event so I don't come last.......hopefully!!!
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Great Eastern Run, Peterborough. Fast, flat, accurate course, reasonable size field without being mental and good VFM. Put what you save towards the train fare.  image
  • I am running this as got an entry through my work who are using it to raise money for children in need. They got so many entries. Hope it's not as bad as some are saying. Long way from Fife if not good.
  • I have a torn my muscle so I cannot run this event now..

    One place now available. Entry was £46. Contact me if interested. My email is

    Event starts and ends at the O2 in North Greenwich on October 28th.

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