Last long bike question

Wondered what you all thought.

I can't do a long bike three weeks out from Outlaw cos have other stuff on, but there's a good local sportive four weeks out (Wiggle Magnificat, Newbury-ish) that has two distances and I can't decide which to do. 

Option 1: 81 miles with 1700m of ascent

Option 2: 127 miles with 2800m of ascent.

As Outlaw's not hilly, doing a load of hills isn't ideal prep at that stage, but am tempted by the 127 as a last big ride.  Would prob do a faster 80 10 days later (ie 2.5 weeks out).  I could do the shorter one a bit faster - with the hills, would be a bit like doing a slightly flatter 100+ miler. Or I could do the longer one a bit slower and it would give me a last good  breakthrough effort because it's hilly and long.

I'm lazy and can't face doing a flatter, faster, more Outlaw-like solo effort. I love sportives for my longer rides - good for practicing race nutrition and not faffing with maps etc.

My other long ridesby then  will have been 1 x 83, 3 x 90 and 2 x 100.



  • Depends on how you recover really and what you think is best for you mentally ?

    3 weeks I think is plenty of time to recover and you will have the knowledge that you survived (hopefully) the over distance ride ?
  • Do the 80 and park 10 miles away

  • I'd say you'd want the ride 4 weeks out to be at least as long in duration that you'll be riding for at Outlaw, so the 81 is probably a bit short for that.  Going over distance won't do you any harm.
  • I agree with CD, I'd go for over distance
  • I'd go over distance 4 weeks out
  • Thanks everyone. Really appreciate your comments.

    Meldy - your idea had crossed my mind.

  • AH,

    You are old (but beautiful) and therefore recovery is an issue. You need to decide how well you will recover from an over distance effort 4-weeks out. Remember other training still going on but maybe starting to ramp down a bit.You will likely have a 3-hour run that week.

    However you have had strong start to the training season and seem to be in good form.

     Assuming you have no issues with the 100s then the 127 would be fun. However the 81 with a short brick (and possibly extended a little) would be more than enough in the majorities training schedules.If you groupride the 127 (or steal a few wheels) then itwill make it a bit easier.

    Still a long day though, would be 7 hours for me at IM pace


  • "You are old (but beautiful)"

    Suggest "Duck" is appropriate

    Henny is a babe!
  • Meface: "3 hour run"???!!! Won't be doing that. image  But recovery is def an issue. The ride would prob take me closer to 8.30 or 9 hours. If it wasn't so hilly it would be a no brainer but as the wise Meldy said a while ago, not a lot of point in doing millions of hills that close because Outlaw isn't hilly. It's not at all specific.  Tackling a hilly 127 is very different from tackling a more undulating 127.

    Part of me thinks I should do the 81 at IM pace, then stick a decent run on the end.

    The other obvious idea is to plan a 120 mile route more like the Outlaw and do it solo.  Spose that woudl be good for the head.... and cheaper..... and I could start earlier and finish earlier....

    Decisions decisions.

    Dustboy - sorry, the duck comment went way over my head. image

  • Henny
    An alternative for you,  we mentioned briefly last year & you're still more than welcome to a LeJog guest rider slot over that weekend with us,    I'll send you routemap through if you're interested.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Henny - I think the hilly sportive is not the best use of your training time because it doesn't replicate your race route.  However, you've already acknowledged that and made further points about not faffing with maps.  Sportives also give you an additional level of support that solo riding doesn't.  Therefore, if you can't mirror the course, I'd mirror the ride time.  The shorter route will probably see you riding for a sufficient length of time because of the amount of climb in it.  I'd do that one.

    You don't need to ride the IM distance for this ride, you've done it several times before.

  • Thanks Mouse - you and I are def on the same wavelength I think.  I have to say, I've never ridden more than 105 miles in training, and that was only once.

    Jaffa - you might have a guest rider... imageHow exciting. Just off to look at the maps.

  • Dustboy wrote (see)
    "You are old (but beautiful)"
    Suggest "Duck" is appropriate
    Henny is a babe!

    No need for me to duck when Henny is throwing punches, I would just enjoy them!

    Plus I know that she knows, I know she's a babe - soshe will just ignore the jibes and assume it is my standard infantile behaviour - which it is.


    I agree with M..ouse and you. But if you want to do it then you probably have the training in you to do it - just accept that the outcome may result in you dropping 3-hour long runs!

    Not sure you need the mental strength of many long solo rides.

    Honestly the best thing would be the 81 with brick IMHO but if you want to do the 127m then I don't think it will do you harm.


  • In order of preference

    A.  81 with a run
    B. 81 with cake
    C. 127 and a lot of recovery

    A is the most specific to the Outlaw in my opinion   image

  • But B is more piratey image
  • I agree with the mouldy one.81 with a run off.

    AND, as I'm now not working that weekend I might join you.  (I can tell you're excited!) Gosh, this pending doley scum-ness has opened up a whole host of possibilities!

  •  .... and C would just be showing off image
  • Holly, the more the merrier!
  • D. 81 with a decent run, and then cake. Lots of cake.
  • C with a run? image
  • SlowEngineer wrote (see)
    C with a run? image
    and a swim starter?
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