knee niggle

mmmm did a 18 miler early Sat morning - quite a hilly one for me ... ran thru knee niggle ok ... tried to get out there this morning and oh no ... ran jog walk jog home after 3 miles ... not too good
but i have MK marathon end of April - what should I do ?


  • hi there how is the knee am having same problem and not sure how long i need to rest.
  • Hi Merlie,

    Are you tapering at the mo? I'd give it at least 3 days rest, more if necessary. Wait until it's comfortable before running again. No point creating an injury this close to the marathon when you should be easing down anyway.

    I had a knee niggle in the last week before the Brighton Marathon yesterday. Was achy all week and I was taking pain relief the night before. In the run though it was totally fine. Not a second of pain from it so don't panic, tapering niggles are common but needn't be race threatening!


  • Thx tom,

    got out yesterday after 9 day rest, felt it for a mile or 2 then pain disappeared .... did a gently 7 miler then calf muscle went ! Walked 1 home : (

    Done plenty of self massage - roller type of thing and ironed it out last night ... realy would like to do at least a 15 miler before big day. Of course i done really think ive done enough .

    funny though - up until a few weeks ago things felt so easy!

    Im hoping that any aches n pains in the race will be forgotten about given the occasion / atmosphere .
  • I would favour rest over another long run. Better to arrive at the start line undertrained than injured.
  • Went out and did 17 miles ... calf felt a little tight n heavy for a while - but soon diminished.

    Im starting to think that running can cure the odd niggle or 2 ?
  • It can do, but it can also turn a niggle into an injury!
    Glad it went well for you though. Getting excited about the marathon yet?
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