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    Hi all i'm doing London for the first time in just under three weeks and i'm thinking about running the Ironbridge half on April 1st . I've read that it's good to do a half two weeks before but I know being competative I'll probably push myself too hard and maybe spoil my chances of doing well at London                any thoughts?


  • I wouldn't recommend racing it. I'd imagine a lot would depend on your training background, but generally a full taper for a marathon is supposed to be two weeks before the race. At best, running the Half as your final quality session might be an option, but even that's iffy - hopefully someone more in the know will pop in here and advise.

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    you've said it your self havent u

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    Your own call. It's three weeks out. Flat out could be costly but perhaps a tempo run?
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    I don't know where you've read that it's recommended to do a half two weeks out (I wouldn't) but given that it's three weeks out from London that does make a difference.  Personally the only time I would schedule to run a HM three weeks out is if I wanted to incorporate it into my final long run.  So this is an option, but use the HM to practise target marathon pace, adding on a few miles as a warm-up and cool-down to bring it up to 20 miles (or whatever).

    On the other hand if you're feeling good, got no injury niggles, you want to take advantage of good form and you've got a HM PB you want to have a go at, running it flat out is also an option.  Your call I reckon.  Either way, after the race would be a good time to start the taper.


    Hi all,

    This is exactly the question that has been on my mind. I have a half lined up on Sunday, four weeks before my marathon. Is it folly to race it or should I use it to practise my marathon pace?

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    I'd happily race it four weeks out, and use this to settle on/confirm/adjust your marathon target, if you have a time target in mind.
  • 13 miles two weeks before a marathon is fine.  But not at pace!  Just amble round, enjoy the day, chat to the people around you.  You have no idea how much what you do in the last month before the marathon matters.  You've been training, building miles, working hard, your body is stressed you have forced it to adapt. Now RELAX, do the 13 for the sake of muscle memory.  On the day you want to do the first half in the same way, slow relaxed.  Don't worry you will get there.  You know you want to negative split, but how many people actually do this over the marathon.  Remember don't sprint until you pass the 26 mile sign.  All the best... but really just frelax.  Enjoy your running.


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