First marathon in Autumn


I'm planning to run my first marathon this year, and am aiming for Autumn. I would like to combine it with a few days in mainland Europe just to give it that extra sense of adventure.

Ideally I would have liked to have ran the Berlin marathon, but individual places all went months ago, so i'm looking at the following possibilities instead:

1. Amsterdam;
2. Warsaw;
3. Frankfurt;
4. Budapest.

Has anybody ran any of these and can they recommend any of them to a first timer? Or have you any alternative suggestions?

Many Thanks!


  • I have done Amsterdam twice and half 5 times in the last 7 years and intend to go back again this autumn for one or the other. Amsterdam was my first marathon and it a well organised, big race, but  not too massive and crowded.

    There are pacing groups and you may change down to the half if you feel that your training has not gone well.
    Entry is easy - just fill in the on-line entry form and you are in, no ballots

    there is a thread on Amsterdam over in "Events"

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    I've not run any overseas marathons in Autumn.  (Berlin was closest I came, entering in 2009 but friends decided to get married that weekend instead!)  But you might want to check out Florence as well, in November, which has been highly recommended by a club mate.  Florence is beautiful.
  •  not in 'mainland' europe but dublin marathon in october is good.  nice fast course, well organised and supported.
  • Cormac MC. Amsterdam is a great mara with a start & finish in the old Olympic Stadium.  Don't know about the others on your list but I have been to the Cologne marathon twice and it is easy to get to and very well organised. Lots of colleagues rave about Eindhoven marathon as a super fast and easy course (may not be a factor for your first one). has got lots of interesting reviews from runners for each of the races and the most complete schedule of marathon events I know about. Cheers, TD.

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