Number Tattoos

You know those really neat temporary numbers that they put on for the ITU races and things - well they had them at a duathlon at the weekend.

Man they're tricky to get off. My leg one is off now probably due to it being hairy (shameful I know) - but it was still red raw from all of the rubbing.

Do I need to take a sander to my arms or is there something else that will do it ?

And we should so get them to make Pirate tattoos for us. It'll take an Ironman and a party in its stride !



  • Some sort of solvent?  Nail polish remover, maybe?

    Or something oily, if the ink is not water-based.

  • Wire wool and Jif?!
    That stuff for cleaning ovens?!

    Like the idea of good Pirate (not so temporary!) tattoos!
  • Swarfega is good.

    And nail varnish remover.

  • but dont you just love when you've raced in the sun ... removed the number ... just to find it imprinted into your suntan image
  • a supermarket own brand razor .... so long as you are happy for the first couple of layers of skin to go with it.   (the resultant scarring will also serve as a useful reminder not to buy cheap razors when traveling if you forgot to pack a decent one image)
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Cougs - I had a demo one put on me at the Triathlon Show and they are oil solvent based not nail polish remover solvent based.   You want some baby oil type jobbie, if none of that some sort of oily body scrub type thing or a very greasy moisturiser.  A baby wipe might do it.  Nail polish remover was my first thought and it didn't work.
  • OOh baby wipes sound possible - I always have them around.

    I did wonder why I was getting strange looks in the pool on Sunday night and then I remembered my tattoos.

    Or maybe I'll leave them on and ask for number 398 for next time ?

    Are we sorted for Pirate Tattoos for the outlaw ? I can ask where he got these from if you like ?
  • Cougs -  if you wanna chuck me the details of the company, I am happy to look into further image.  I can then try and synchronise it to the car sticker order/despatch
  • *puts chemists hat on* a mixture of olive oil and sugar should do the trick if it's oil based image
  • i think some of you Girly's just want Cougie to Oil up

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Baby Oil works on some.

    Nail varnish remover for waterproof marker pen, sometimes needs a bit of baby oil as well.

    For me it has to be Johnsons for that oh so familiar smell.

  • I am a closet Johnsons Baby Powder sniffer image
  • That figuresimage
  • Fraggle - I went with your idea as I had those in and it worked a treat.
    Schmunkee I will try to get supplier details this week. They're very robust tattoos !
  • Mine washed off in the shower Sunday night with just my usual shower gel.................. Cougs must have strange skin
  • Bloody hell - what shower gel do you use ? Essence de battery acid for that live wire feeling ?
  • The blue Imperial Leather stuff....

    (Yep was Suzies keys  her Ford and Sprog 4's Pug keys all on one key ring)

  • Aah that explains it. Its like paint stripper that stuff. image

    D'oh - if only I'd have known !
  • cougie wrote (see)
    Fraggle - I went with your idea as I had those in and it worked a treat.


    Great image  also V good at removing mud/grime/oil etc when you've been bike fettling image

    (btw any light oil will do, and sugar's good as it doesn't sting in any cuts you have image )

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Fraggle +1 - it's the best thing i've found!

    I recommend it when you've been working on your bike to get rid of the oil.

  • I normally go for Washing up Liquid and sugar for after the bike. Its a poor mans swarfega.

    (I've never used swarfega - am I missing out ?)
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I love swarfega.  I just stick my whole hand in the pot.


  • I normally use washing powder. It doesn't remove the oil and grease, so much as the layer of skin it is attached to.


    I like the way the swarfega tub "Boings" when you hit it! image

  • use washing powder with will be effective....

    funeral urn

  • I've no idea what urns had to do with the thread...but what a bizarre specialist shop. My favourite is the Kiss urn (
  • yup tattoo idea is cheap...but we can also try planting of tree is biodegradable and envioronment friendly one....and most important thing is that it is permanent ....

    By, Veteran Urns

  • As you should be aware, the fount of all knowledge is your iron mate!

    Bizarrely this is in his "training tips" section, in between "how to catch a plane" and "how to wear a lighter watch when swimming"

  • Swarfega's great, but keep it well away from your jar of strawberry jam.  Especially if you're red/green colourblind.  Trust me on this.

    And don't let it anywhere near your funeral urn.

  • Can you stop calling me Urn, please
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