Richmond Park Ride 28th March??

Anyone fancy a couple of social laps after work? Maybe 3?

I am going to try and get there shortly after 5.30. Top Car Park (Pembroke Lodge).


  • If I'm not there by 2015, start without me image
  • Funny, I thought of you as first taker! Can you send me a cardboard cutout to chase? image
  • Sure, here's one I prepared earlier image

    How's the cold water/swimming thing going, on the mend ?

  • LOL. I shoudl stick it on the end of a pole like an angler fish and chase it around RP!

    Cold thing on way to mend we hope. Controlled by meds now most;ly and running it's expected course of 4-6 years. Coming up end year 4 now. Fingers crossed!  

  • I'm so, so tempted to skip out at 4!
  • It's perfect cycling weather today. I am jealous.
  • Dustboy - Firstly are you still going? Secondly are you fast? image
  • Right, if anyone is going, I'm going to be there from about 5:30. Will ride round clockwise in the black n yeller. If you see me shout image
  • Still going. 5.30 may be a bit tight but will do my best.

    I am slow compared with other roadies

    Will be going anticlockwise coz I am a wuss and it's a lot more fun. Happy to fit in though. How does one execute a right hand turn?

    Am in black with red helmet, white gloves and although I hate to admit the colour of the bike, it is brown. But a Cyfac can be any colour it likes. Green Subaru estate in the car park at the top. Black and yeller is on the line! In fact, I nearly brought it but assumed no one else going and I would be sad and lonely....image

    See you there.

  • At least you'll notice me. Shout when I pass you, I'll be on my TT (still trying to break my a*se in to the Adamo saddle) and I'm not very observant!!
  • Hmm, be interested in observations on the Adamo.

    How fast are you?

  • Not very! Setting off now so I get there in time image

    Besides smashed a sufferfest yesterday so won't be top form image

    See you there!
  • pffft... some of us have real jobs SE! image
  • Some of us awesome enough to be given flexitime. It's not my fault your boss can't let the tea boy go early! image

    Good ride in the sun this evening with Dustboy. Will try to do it more regularly (though in more subdued clothing) in future! image
  • That really is not fair, I am still working... Can't get this bloody kettle to work!! image
  • Top ride this eve, 3 laps with SE. Made me work hard. RP was a cracking venue tonight.
  • Sorry DB I was working and no way I would get there for that sort of time during the week.  Hope to get together soon for a ride though.image
  • Trust you're a bit quicker around RP these days Saffers, do you actually break a sweat now image
  • I hope I am a bit quicker around there now Kanga.....not been for a while but can't be slower surely!!!! image
  • Count me in next time.  I can make an afternoon or morning midweek for the next month if anybody is free (but not over Easter cos the park will be packed).


    Edit - Saffers doesn't sweat, she's too posh for that! image

  • Indeed image
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