Valencia marathon 2012

I'm about to enter this race, is anyone else planning on running it / done this race before?


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    Entered the race a couple of weeks ago, it will be my first ever marathon and cannot wait.

  • Hello,

    I did this race last year and had a great marathon, the start/finish area is brilliant and the numbers are mid size and a good atmosphere throughout a nice flat city marathon, i'm sure you'll have agreat time.

  • Hmmmmmm - this looks very good, am very tempted to sign up, only downside I can see is risk of it being quite warm on the day.  A work colleague went there in December a few years back and said it was in the early 20s!!!!  Now to work on a 'business case' for Mrs Cooks image

  • I'm glad theres someone else doing it. I've booked an apartment for 3 nights, let me know if you need accomodation!

  • I've signed up - woohoo!!! looking fwd to starting to crank the miles back up............

  • Weyhey, growing list of runners world folks signed up. This is my first crack at a marathon, my thinking was near end of 2012 would give me time enough to be prepared. Muy excited image

    Would be useful to keep in touch via the thread from time to time. Good luck with training.

  • My training starts this week, looking forward to it now. Going for a sub 4hrs fingers crossed

  • I was looking at this one, but have just enetered the Nice to Cannes one the week before. I went to Valencia in mid February, it is a lovely city, sitting back in the sun and enjoying the cool beers and some football, and it was about 21'C then.

  • Good stuff, I'm hoping there'll be a football game on the Sat/Sun night, because I won't be on the beer!

  • Signed up for this shortly after the VLM as another goal to aim for I am running with a first timer who is also motivation for me. Only concerns are the heat and the possible lack of crowd support. Does anyone know what the water station numbers are like? On a plus side it looks like the 'goodie bag' is better than London but then it could not be any worse.

  • Hi all,

    I think I am about to bite the bullet and sign up! I ran the Barcelona marathon in March and had a great time, depsite it being a bit warm. I'll probably be going solo this time though, so would be great to say hi and get some advice on where best to stay in Valencia etc. I've had running company for the past two marathons I have done abroad so have hired apartments where we can cook pasta at your own will etc - anything like this in V? I was spoiled in Barca by being able to walk 5 mins to the start/finish line! 

    Will UK runners fly direct to Valencia? 

    Cheers all,


  • Yes there are direct flights from Gatwick with Easyjet, not sure how much they are now though.

  • My training is well underway now & feeling good. How's everyone else getting on?

  • Hi Simon, this is my first marathon, and due to impending move to Ibiza my plan is taking a hit image Long run on Friday a touch over 16miles, loved every moment apart from having to stop to sort out blister dressings! Getting very excited about the race but the long runs are making it hit home how far a marathon is compared to a tiddly half! Won't be sub four hours but would like to think I won't be a million miles off getting near.


    gl all

  • Keep the faith Jake, as long as you keep doing distance runs your stamina will build up.

  • Hi All,

    Was hoping to run the New York Marathon in Nov, but due to the unique way the economy is going this is probably now a financial challenge so am thinking of going for Valencia instead.  From what I have read it seems a fast flat course, well organised and easy to get accom close to start/finish.

    Just wanted to see if everyone else agrees with this?

    Also it gives me four more weeks training over NYC!  look forward to peoples thoughts/comments.....



  • It seems like a very flat course with not too many running, that's what I like!

  • Yep im booked to do this too. Will be my 3rd marathon this year and a nice way to end the year with hopefully a PB.

  • When does everyone fly out, I'm leaving Friday morning, would be good to meet for food with someone as I'll be out there on my own
  • imageHi all  ive been training for this race since end of may, As i had a month of after London. You can get flights from Stanstead £47 return, Mind you its a real early flight on saturday 6.00am, I can speak some spanish which should help. good luck to all.

    On the sunday evening Valencia are at home to Espanyol, and i hope to go then hit the beer

  • Am I going mad or did the race used to be advertised as being on the 26th Nov ?  As the website says it is now on the 18th Nov, but in some the gumph/blurb it says it is on the 28th ?!*

    Or has it always been on the 18th and I got it wrong ?????



  • i intend to enter this too and just counting the pennies and pricing, I understand its on the 18th and hope it still us cause that would spoil my day!

    any feedback or tips on places to stay very much appreciated

  • There plenty of cheap hotels etc on , i managed to get mine cheap.

    12 miler last week,

    14 miles this Sunday- legs are gonna hurt!

    Cardiff half next month,. Hope everyones training is going wellimage

  • Thinking of signing up for this. Sounds like a great combination of good weather, great location, flat location and not too overcrowded.

    A November marathon is always a great end to the year!


  • Flights booked, check

    Hotel booked, check

    Race entered, gulp check

    Very stupidly this is my 40th birthday present to myself -

    Cardiff 10k on Sunday, going for sub 45 min, then Bristol half in sept and Cardiff half in Oct....

    The hard work starts now, good luck everyone


  • Aye aye fellow valencia marathoners, though i might try and join you lot after i read this thread this morning and it looks like a great mara, so i've just entered.

    I'm liking your style MooooooseT. i spent my 40th running the Nice marathon two years ago, i think we need to get out more :0)

    I've been doing a few races this year and i have ealing half end of this month and abingdon mara next month, but i'll use these as training runs and then hope to try and get the ever elusive sub3 at valencia,

    looking forward to hearing how everyones training is going

  • Completed Cardiff 10k in 45:48 on Sunday, disapointed not to dip under the 45 min mark but pleased how I felt and even managed to get out for a quick five miles yesterday with legs not feeling to heavy.

    14 miles on Thursday so that will be a test of the endurance part,

    Does anyone know if there are any pacers at Valencia ?


  • good work on the 10k, whats youre target time?

    i did my first 8mile MP session last night at 6:43miling and thought my heart might explode. I'm gonna need to get a bit fitter i think if i'm gonna go sub 3!!

  • Hoping to get under 4hrs, aiming for 3:45 if the body holds up and get no injuries in training.

    Sub 3 is impressive, but looks like as a good a course as any to be able to get a PB,



  • 3:45 is a nice target and should be very doable if you can run 45 10k, i struggled for a long time trying to get under 3:30 until i started doing intervals and tempo work which made a massive difference, best time so far is 3:05 last october, so yep, i'm 43 now so i won't have many other chances. Heres hoping.

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