Valencia marathon 2012



  • Iam back grafting as of tuesday after my heavy drink last saturday!. Maximum weekly milage in daily chunks of slow or steady pace for me. Wish i was doing snowdonia on saturday but hey ho.

    fingers crosssed for everyone to be in good shape for V and injuries put back in they're boxes, i get numbness from tight laces tried tweeking them moose? tho too loose cause me blisters apologies if iam stating the obvious.

    Hows life in the fast lane David your doing some good stuff there it seems.

    still waiting on payday before i can get my hotel this end!


  • All good here Huw, got some decent runs in this week without feeling too broken, so I think the old body is managing to absorb the higher volume of miles without getting injured. It always feels a bit if a fine line though. I'm on a three week taper as of next Monday, so hopefully the hays in the barn, so to speak. You guys, when you tapering?
  • Out of interest, what is the average mileage of you experienced guys at this stage?

    My intentions of loosely following a  marathon training plan went south a couple of months ago. Tapering for me starts after my last long run on 04-11. Lacking in decent speed sessions in my overall training, yet have an overload of hills!


  • hi jade, i'm a big believer in quality over quantity, but equally in order to build endurance and to be able to hold a higher pace for longer, there also need to be an element of volume, but hopefully avoiding those junk miles. i'm hovering around 60-70 miles at the moment which, from what i can tell, is the minimum to try and go sub 3. i have some ultra running buddies who pump out 100+/week, but theyre just showing off image theyre also as slow as f*ck

  • MT - do not take ibuprofen on the day of the marathon, ibuprofen and marathon running do not mix well.

  • Hiya, didn't ,manage my 20 miler, was still full on the lergy, going for a 10 miler today, then hopefully 18 miles next monday, so won't get a 20 miler done before the marathon. Oh well, i'll keep the steady running going and eat well & no booze before, doubt i'll get under 4 hrs now, oh well, still another chance at VLM2013.

    Quite pisssed off now!

  • I took an hour off my mile PB last night.....?

    The most ive ran a week this year is 34 miles the penny dropped for me after liverpool marathon that more miles are needed in training certainly at around 2 weeks ago onwards and around now in my opinion only. Trying for 52 miles this week.

    Tapering for me will be a week/ 10 days before the race my harvest is still blowing in the wind and not in the barn! I think you have it all spot on David.

    II be up for the football simon will have to see if my wallet agrees tho are u doing marlow?




  • Hi all,

    I've arrived on this forum because I was worried that I had not received the usual email confirmation number to bring to the expo type thing that most big city marathons send out. Having read the posts I am now slightly less worried. At least I'm not alone!!

    As for mileage, I'm firmly in the quantity over quality camp. The way to train for running extreme distances is to run extreme distances.P.S. How c##p are Garmins?*!!

  • yep, cumulative miles certainly help with the endurance, but i thinks its important to throw speedwork in there too for running faster marathons. If i'm training for ultras the speed work goes out the window and its just long slow miles. I quite like my garmin, but im aware that if i want to run sub 3 marathon(6:50 pace) i'll need to run a garmin marathon at 6:45min/mile

  • Yes Huw agree about the football, not doing Marlow now, just gonna do a 13 miler on my own that day(on a flat course). Feeling a lot better today, the lurgy is going slowly!


  • Can anyone help? I have my Valencia flight and hotel, but can't locate any e mail back to confirm my registration some time ago. I have sent an e mail through the website, but no response. I have searched my e mail folders. What am I looking for? Anyone else had this problem? Need to sort out ASAP as the marathon is soon!

  • Hi Derek, There was no confirmation email as such, or at least if there was I didn't receive it.

    To validate your registration visit click enter, at the top right of the page (second line down) click on the moving Ticket Run icon. On the new page the top line top left says 'verify your registration' (when translated). click on that then from the drop down menu select  32 Maraton Divina Pastora Valencia. Incidently if you did get an email from them it would be under that name. Click the 'verify registration' button. Enter your name and print off the resulting 'certificate'.

    If you do that you will be no worse off than myself and a couple of others on this forum. Good luckimage

  • Hi Derek,

    I'm in the same boat - did exactly what tpb suggested a while back, all I have to 'prove' my entry is a print out from that website. I guess we rock up at the expo with these (and maybe passports) to get your bib number etc. Maybe they just want to keep the UK runners on their toes image


  • Thanks for the practical advice - I have a print out! I enter so many events way in advance I can't recall some bits of information.

    Good luck for the race.

  • Don't feel bad Derek, there was no information. I worked it out after much wailing and gnashing of teeth. I emailed them last week and by strange co-incidence I received the following reply a few minutes ago:

    To check your inscription you have to send an email to;

    To pick up your number you´ll have to do it in the previous days 
    before the race in Expodeporte Valencia.

    Chek this link with all the information about; Which is pretty much what I did.
  • hows the training/tapering going everyone. i'm not quite in twitchy mode yet but it'll come for sure. Missed my last long run last weekend, frankly i just couldn't be a$sed and just fancied a lie in instead. I'm not sure it'll make a huge difference though. I beasted myself with some intervals the day after image last 18miler tomorrow then will just tick along for the next two weeks

  • Finally got rid of the lergy and feeling energised!!! & have the weekend off, so parkrun in the morning, then 15 miles on Sunday, happy weekend people!

  • Ref the registration/expo queries - here's the e  mail I received from []

     Dear Peter,

    "The chip-bib number will be exclusively handed at the RUNNER FAIR, which will be located at the showground in the City of Arts and Sciences on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th November, from 10:00 to 14:30 and from 15:30 to 20:00 hours.

    No bib number will be handed on the day of the race. In case of not being able to collect it personally, a signed consented authorization form may be given to a third party with the necessary photocopy of the ID card and proof of payment."

    Best regards!

  • what's the longest run everyone is planning to do after this weekend? i was planning to do an 11 mile run midweek next week, then nothing longer than 5 miles.

    also, for those interested, the valencia v espanyol game is on the saturday, not sunday, 5pm kick off UK time. probably not advisable the day before the marathon, but i'll probably still be there.

  • Tapering starts next monday/ tuesday for me 14 miles tommorow and marlow half on sunday with tired legs. Iam still playing with the idea of doing 14 miles jog on the 10th iam new to tapering! i rekon the majority of my 'wind down' will be less than 5 mile runs aswell. Fingers crossed for no injuries


  • Good luck with marlow huw, I'd imagine that'll be quite a scenic run. Last 18 done this morning with a few MP miles thrown in just for confidence. Felt pretty strong so hopefully on track with my Rioja induced taper! I'll reduce my weekly run volume by 50% this week but keep the faster runs going. Will do 3x10 mile runs then another 10 next Sunday. In the final week i'll run no further than 40 mins with a few strides.
  • 1 36 at at Marlow absolutely great fun shin deep water for a 5th of the course. Rekon I could have got more value out of running on tired legs if i committed to a faster pace on the day before but feared I would pull something. All in all injury free (very very gratfull!) and feeling in great condition. Am gonna have to go for it from mile one in spain.

    hmmm tapering its tricky! am going to give it some thought make a plan and stick to it.


  • good work on the time in Marlow Huw, especially as it sounded like a swim race too image

    Not long till race day now, Yep, i'll be trying to hit pace and hold until 20miles then see what i can push. Its easy to plan in the comfort of a warm room in front of a computer, but a tad trickier when doing it!

  • Hi All,   hope your doing well and training/tapering is as you want it.  Sadly my injured right foot is not recovering enough in time so I am going to have to give Valencia a miss this time.  Very very fed up about it as I know the fitness is there, but tried a four mile run on Sunday and could just feel that the foot would not hold up and even doing that run I could feel other tweaks in right leg starting to come through.  I've got a great physio and am sure with some dedicated pounding and tweaking and lots of very painful exercises I will be back on my feet again, thinking maybe Paris next spring.

    Good luck everyone and enjoy,


  • Oh no, sorry to hear you've had to pull MT. Probably a wise but tough choice, there's no point screwing stuff up long term. I'm sure you'll come back stronger than before. No doubt you can laugh at our post race war stories and be thankful at least , that you didn't have to put yourself through the ridiculousness of marathon running image hope you're back to it soon

  • Iam gutted Mooose hardlines pal, not starting is always more pleasing to me than not finishing but easy for me to say thanks for your good luck I hope you mend soon.

    Think i over did it wednesday doing a fast 11 legs arnt not recovering at all I feel injury prone myself will get a blood to them and have a stretch today think they will bounce back.

    8 days to go! best get my factor 50 suncream. Off to watch the rugby today and forget about it all for 80 minutes! come on the boyos  


  • take it easy on those legs Huw, theres not much to be gained fitness wise in  taper, but plenty to lose by overcooking it, and enjoy the rugby. Looks like the long range forecast shows a wet marathon, which i'll prefer than a warm one!

  • That's sad news, MT image Hope you are soon on the mend.

    Belated thanks for feedback on weekly miles. Getting very nervous with less than a week to go. Did a 24mile long run two weeks ago, included nearly 3,000 feet of ascent following the previous long run with well over 3,000 feet of ascent. Not really by choice, but stuck for flat runs. Hoping this will see me finish Valencia under 4:30, slow I know but my first one and only started running in Jan, missed a lot of training due to moving to Ibiza recently.

    Just been checking out the route and drinks stations, not sure if it is the norm for a marathon, but they appear to look after the runners. Sports drink & water every 5k, two gel points and fruit & showers in later stages!


    Good luck in the final week one and all, and speedy recover, MT.

  • That's sounds like a monster session jade , nice work. Don't be nervous for Valencia, you're more than ready if you've knocked out a couple of those sessions.

    I'd not checked out the race logistics so thanks for the heads up on drink stations. 5k aid stations is perfect, I may even gain a few calories at the end of the race.

    My kids and wife have sore throats this week so no doubt it'll hit me at some point, will dose up on vit c and cross fingers
  • Hey guys, sorry to ask what is probably a very obvious question but go we know the brand of sports drink we'll be getting? (I can't load the website to find out!)

    One week today, flip.

    Ps I am planning on finding somewhere to watch the England rugby match on Saturday if you have any suggestions as to where that would be great!
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