Final long runs

Hi I ran 20 miles at the weekend. I have 2 long runs left before I taper should I do 2 x 22 miles runs or do a 16 this weekend then a 22 the following week.

I'm hoping for a sub 3:45 as I did 20 in 2:42. Any advice is appreciated!


  • I'd do a 16 then a 22 - you don't want to do too many very long runs this close to race day. The 16 will give you that extra recovery before you tackle the final 22. Enjoy Manchester; I'm doing Edinburgh so have a few more weeks to go.
  • Agree, long long every two weeks and short long ones every other weekend, but back to back 22s will be counter-productive.


  • Prob not necessary to do 2x22. Why not do 2x20 or maybe 1x20 this week and 1x22 next week? It depends on how quickly you recover from the long runs. You will have three full weeks to recover from your last long run, so I reckon you'd be fine - unless the long runs are really taking it out of you.

    Cheers, Ant
  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    20 in 2:42? Shouldn't you be looking at more like sub 3:30? Either that or you're doing your long runs too fast.
    As for the longer runs - depends. ie how long you've been running, what your weekly mileage is, how well you recover etc etc.
    Eg a couple of years ago for my 2nd mara I would have done 16 then 20 or possibly 22. Now after more marathons and a couple of ultras and min 50 mpw even when not event specific training I would do 2x22 as I know I'll recover well and 20 milers are not as challenging.

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