Rotary Club of Kenilworth Two Castles 10K

Anyone else on here get onto this? i cant believe how fast it filled up this year. so glad i was home the night it went live.


  • this weekend, any other RW people doing it?

  • I am Marc. Already dreading the hill up to Leek Wooton!
  • Yep, really eager to get cracking on it. I need about 42 mins to improve my runbritain handicap, so that's my target. Training's gone well so it should be doable. Good luck to everyone!

  • i've heard a lot of horror stories on that hill elgm, but a friend of mine lives on this route and runs it daily, he says people exagerate it. i dont know personally, i live in a pretty hilly area so i'm hoping its not too bad, a PB is nothing i need this weekend though, i'm racing a 10k on a very flat course in sweden the following weekend so i'm just hoping to enjoy this one, its a course/race ive always wanted to do.

  • im in, look fairly painful from 2 to 3 miles! lots of people entered its going to be chaos!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    i have just been given a place from the reserve list, not from the area at all so not sure how to tackle it. Any defined easy or dificult periods to prepare for over the course? seems to be some talk of a particular hill?


  • I live in Warwick too Marc, so know the course pretty well.  

    The hills are (rough distances) - a fairly easy one about 0.5k in (Coventry Road in Warwick).  Then it's flat to 3k.  The hill to Leek Wooton is kicks in shortly after the 3k mark.  It's not steep - just long (about hald a mile of incline with a couple of small kicks).  The final hill is Rouncil Lane into Kenilworth (about 7-8k?) - it's longer than the first but steeper than the second!  

    The stretch up to Kenilworth Castle is uphill too, but you'll be immune to it by thenimage 

    Great race though, and always a teriffic atmosphere - and at least the weather won't be hot! 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    ok does nolt seem too bad. Just need to finish before the rain kicks in! I have done the regency 10k in  Leamington. Is it comparable or tougher than that?

  • looking at the elevations of both i'd say its a bit hillier than the regency 10k

  • I agree - it's a net uphill gradient, Kenilworth Castle is higher than Warwick Castle I think, so it does feel more testing than the Regency ...but you get two castles into the bargain!

  • see you in the morning chaps and chapesses 

  • Cheers Marc. Good luck everyone!
  • Personally, I reckon it was pushing 25C in the sun, and there i was thinking it'd be cold at 4:30am (4C). Still, a good race and well organized overall, just wish I'd been aware that it was that hilly, I thought it was flat with a couple of kicks, ooops.

    Do 10k races normally have nothing in the goody bag? Was expecting more than a t-shirt, medal and 3 flyers!

  • Well done JMC. Hot, wasn't it?!

    I think there has been more in the goody bags in previous years. We were talking about this afterwards and wondered of there'd been a bit of cutting back to keep the price down. Roads are fully closed these days, so guess it must be quite pricey to organise.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    great conditions, though i think the timing sections at the start need to be a bit more marshalled. I spent the first 3k (which was the only pure flat stage) moving sideways and i started at the 40 minute marker and finsihed just outside that time. dont feel i should have overtaken the volume that i had! one of the best run ins in a 10k though with the crowds.

  • how did you do elgm?

    Managed 44:17 but a little disapointed despite a 2 min PB....for some reason my heart was not fully in it !!

  • Also, can I just apologise to anyone I upset at the first water station? I grabbed one drink and barrelled through about another 3 people, got nice and wet but didn't intend to bulldoze, really sorry.

    I think I got 44:47 which I'm happy with, struggled with a SF and stuff of late, only run 83 miles since April 1st)! So probably just behind you AGF, line time was 45:20 or so.

    Darryll: Don't forget that first hill .5k in image

  • AGF!  Hello!  Was going to pop over to the mara thread to say hello and see if you were around. 

    Well done on your time today - top stuff!  I managed to knock 5 secs off my PB (!), so 47:27 for me.  

    You keeping well?

  • Disappointing time of 46 mins. DI'd Manchester a few weeks back and got 42:35. Bit if a difference. Didn't feel like I wasn't working hard though. Expected the heat nut still thought I would get sub 45 mins. Need to train harder I think.
  • Well done on your time too, JMC

    Darryll - you're right.  Lots of people start way too far forward - I just about got my start position right today ... first time in 4 years, mind! 

    Kevin - well done nontheless.  I do think it's quite an energy-sapping course.  Very little recovery time in between the harder sections.  

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    yes that 3-8k period, there was never really a chance to recover and open the legs up, just as you got on top pof breathing antother incline was there.

  • Well Done on the PB Elgm.Lovely to get a PB !! Sounds like your ITB is better !!!

    Doing well thanks. Off on a weeks holiday to St Agnes ( cornwall next week ) and then back in time for training for Abingdon marathon !! Plenty of wine to day as getting into holiday spirit early image


  • Well done JMC. Hot, wasn't it?!

    I think there has been more in the goody bags in previous years. We were talking about this afterwards and wondered of there'd been a bit of cutting back to keep the price down. Roads are fully closed these days, so guess it must be quite pricey to organise.
  • Sorry for these random double posts. Erk!
  • AGF - enjoy! Was your time a PB too?

    Was in St Agnes shortly after VLM, camping with friends. Horrendous weather, lovely place!

    ITB thankfully long- since forgotten. Though to be fair, I've barely broken 25 miles a week since April!
  • Great minds think alike. Hopefully the weather will improve image

    Don't blame you on the mileage, sometimes the body needs a rest... You'll be fresh for the next campaign!!

    Yes a 2 min pb compared to last year. Think I have more in me though ... image
  • ITB is a killer, ran Cov Half a couple of weeks after the doc diagnosed it last year - stopped half-way to get knee bandaged and walked the last 3 miles in agony before sprinting the last quarter mile, collapsed over the line and had three visitors, one with a medal, one  with water and one taking me over to the first aid tent. I could barely walk for 3 days afterwards.

    That said, I took a few weeks off and started running slow flat 5k training runs, up to slow 10 miles by Xmas and shot over 30 minutes off my time at Reading after 3 months of speedwork and longer runs.

    I used to visit the doc once a decade, it's more like twice a year since I took up running, must cut this down.

  • set my 10k PB despite the hills and heat, but ive not raced a 10k in over a year so i'd have been shocked if i never, knocked 7 mins off my previous time. 

    i agree with the run in, the last km was like running at a major city marathon, great support from the local community, 

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