Lancaster Castle Marathon 2012

What a great thing. A marathon, in June, quiet time of year.  In the North, not too much travelling then.  Lancaster, only ever passed it on the motorway, told it scenic, even got a castle (in the name).  Undulating, so it will provide some challenge.  Spotted on100 club site in late 2011, OK look out for that then. 

 £38!! are you serious.  Where's the info?  Where's the route map/elevation?  Where's the parking?  What will happen on the day?  Hydration on route?  Website? Less than 90 dqys to go!!! Get it out there, or this will end up being worse than Manchester 2012!!!!!!!!  Or wait until September and do the Great Langdale Marathon (my best and slowest run ever) organised just the way it should be.



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