Black or White shoes?

Hello all,

I have two white pairs of shoes, Asics and Brooks, one multi coloured pair of Asics, and recently acquired two black pairs of Asics as 'stock' - yet to be worn.

I think I prefer the idea of black shoes, but wondered what the disadvantages are - there must be some no?

The only one that occured to me, is does the black absorb the heat when it's sunny and cook your feet.......? image

Are black shoes best for Winter......?


  • White shoes make you run faster tis true
  • I think my Black GT2160's will argue that with my White 2140's image

    But seriously, is there a heat issue here...?

  • Dont think so theres never been any real proof one colour is better at reflecting heat
  • That's good news, perhaps my worries are totally unfounded image
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭
    GB - after much research it was ascertained that red shoes are the fastest. fact!.
  • Orange are fastest. Say my orange shoes.
  • The disadvantage of black shoes is they don't go with my handbag.
  • Come off it Kryten black goes with anything
  • What black with leopard-skin? Yeah OK, maybe that would work.

  • Lime green and pink (salomon speedcross) !
  • Good to see you're in touch with your inner Girly, Dan_B!  image

    I did like the black asics range they produced last year, though!

  • I have some silvery/grey inov8s they are fast but dont go with my shorts.........I could go without shorts I suppose
  • Well, it is true that black is a better absorber of radiated heat. However, it is also true that black is a better emitter of radiated heat.

    TBH I really don't think it will make any noticeable difference. I think it's what you prefer. For me, it would depend on - the type of shoe and the price, then finally colour.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    Everyone knows the fastest shoes are red. Just wondering about shorts though. I've got black ones and blue ones.....any ideas?
  • Gold Kylie Minogue hot pants are the fastest shorts
  • I have absolutely no idea why running shoes are not always black, or always white.

    The shoes I run in come with an upper that is semi-permanable in all colours. So the issue of my feet over heating in a dark coloured shoe does not occur.

    I think running shoes bought for running come in so many different colours because unlike other shoes they are primarily functional. Also they are not on the whole seen as items of fashion, those running shoes that are bought for fashion while based on what were runnings are no longer seen as fit for the task.

    So if you like the colour scheme thats a bonus but on the whole its doesnt really matter at all.

    I buy the same type every time and could not tell you the colour of last ones I had even though I only binned them 2 weeks ago.

    I think they were grey.

    I took a photo too as they were the shoes I finally did a sub19minute 5k in and my first HM.

  • I love my bright orange Brooks, my asymmetrical Brooks green and blue racing flats and my luminous yellow salomons. Personal preference I guess.
  • day glow asics gel noosa tri 6's
  • Day glow the way to go.

    Infact If it was a choice between two pairs of shoes exactly the same but one plain black or white and the other a riot of seizure inducing colour but more expensive, I would probably hunt around for the extra pennies.

    There is a guy who runs around my way. Always in the same shade of bright orange shoes shorts and vest. He also has a hat and jacket the same shade for the cold weather. 

  • Bright pink are the fastest image
  • Serious answer here:

    I just bought two new pairs of my usual Asics Cumulus, one in white/red and one in black. I usually buy them in white/whatever, never had a black pair before. The white/whatever pairs have layers of colour on the sole which help me to gauge the amount of wear to my shoes - when I've worn through the coloured bit to the darker bit underneath, it's time to replace them. But teh balck pair have solid black soles, which is going to make judging the wear and tear a bit more difficult.

    Apart from that, I haven't noticed any difference between the two pairs on especially hot or cold days. I do like the way that the black ones don't show up the dirt though! image

  • My orange Mizuno Wave Harriers are way faster than my white Asics...
  • My off road shoes started off dark grey and blue with some fluorescent trimming.  They are now much the same but with a brown hue... The white ones end up with revolting brown bits due to my love of vaseline!
  • Sprint for the line wrote (see)
    I love my bright orange Brooks, my asymmetrical Brooks green and blue racing flats and my luminous yellow salomons. Personal preference I guess.
    Crikey, someone else bought the green and blue Brooks image I thought it was just me.
  • Just got some Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail shoes - yellow and black - it's like wearing bumble bees on your feet - proper fashion statement. image
  • I had white trainers which ended up a bit grungy looking.  My Nike Livestrong Lunarhazes have a grey foot, black heel with green swoosh, green front sole and white heel sole with some yellow on the tongue and laces and they still look really good; well as good as they ever did.  Bought them when JJB had a 90% off sale because they were the comfiest the guy brought out - I asked for all the mega reduced stuff in my size to compare!  I generally have to take what I can find in trainers as I only wear a size 3 and many brands start at a 4.
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