2012 Kent Coastal Marathon

Once again hosting the Kent County Championships and Southern Counties Vets Championships Thanet Roadrunners are pleased to announce a new Race HQ at Palm Bay School.  With lovely views along the Thanet coastline, the most enthusiastic marshals on the planet and a varied course no wonder entries are increasing. image


  • Thanks for the info JFDI, may well enter this as it's local to family,  sounds a nice scenic course too. Did the A20 marathon in November and finished just outside 4 hours, so would like to dip under that this year.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi JFDI, I'm in. Last ran it in 2007 when I turned 50 and now aged 55 I want to beat my time this year image
  • Yay Redhead - would you like number 55? image
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oooh yes please image
  • Cool - if you private message me your name I'll save it for you!
  • I just done my first marathon recently and  this one is looking very appealing for my second!
  • I've just entered image....... This will be my first marathon, and I'm really looking forward it.

    Not too sure I'm looking forward to doing the 20+ mile training runs, but at least an autumn marathon means I get to do those during the spring / summer rather than when it is cold and pouring with rainimage


  • Young pup it was my first last year at 51 (old dog!) but its a great course passing through Cliftonville, broadstairs, ramsgate margate westgate birchington minnis bay coastline... a very scenic well marshalled event and bloomin affordable! which is allways going to get my vote ( when im now having to spend £250 a month on fuel for work!) the most miles i did in training was 14 miles and one 18 miler 10 days prior to the event, dont worry about the last few miles, the need to finish will carry you home, that and the super thanet club marshalls with thier bags of jelly babies

    Rick (proud to be.... Thanet Roadrunner)

  • Thanks Rick - I'm a big fan of jelly babies, so will be looking forward to it even more now!

    The course sounds great, and I love running by the sea. I grew up on the coast, and a lot of my teenage running was along coastal paths, and there's something very pleasing about having a huge expanse of water to look at, and the sound of waves and seagulls to listen to. Hopefully this will help detract from the pain in my legs and the beating of my heart during the final few miles.....
  • I'm running my first marathon this Sunday. Preparation was going great until March but due to injuries, I've only managed a handful of runs since. Add to that the apocalyptic weather forecast, I don't think Sunday is going to be much fun.
    So the Kent Coastal sounds like a perfect way to bounce back and get the 3:45 I was training for. I'm definitely in. image
  • I can second the positive reports on this race.  I did the marathon last year, while my husband did the half.  We are both doing the marathon this year and looking forward to it.  Nice course, well organised and lovely marshalls.

    JFDI, is there a post code for the school please?  Makes life easier with the SatNav.  

    Alan, hope the marathon on Sunday goes OK.  The weather may not be too bad, it seems as though it is the SE corner of the UK that is going to be worst on Sunday. 

  • I'm post London and suffering running withdrawal!
    Think would like to do this. Crowds in London and constantly havIng to alter pace due to crowds left me outside target time at 4:03
    Is this a chip timed race?
  • I was just about to press the button to enter Dingle on the 1st Sept when I took a call from daughter no 2, aghast that we were going to Dingle without her, hubby and 2 grandchildren! ( S.i.L.proposed to her there). So I think that it's postponed until 2013 when they'll come along, also to intending to run. (Half?)
    Sooooo, I'm looking for another marathon, and as they live in Ashford, this sounds good...... Except.... I don't think I can run without my iPhone. I know that's contentious ( I know, I know, I know, all the reasons why) and it may make me a "fake" runner, but I really don't think I can manage 26.2 without my inspirational tunes, distracting podcasts and audiobook.
    ... Help!
    PS. I only ever use one headphone, so I can always actually hear everything around me.
  • ffRAN, I  used to feel the same way until I ran without headphones last year at a race that didn't allow them, I swear its's the best thing I done and I have not looked back! I didn't do this race last year for the same reason, just give running a short distance at first without the tunes and you will soon realise 9hopefully) how music is really a distraction and the you get much more from your runs without them.

    Saying that I still like to listen to my music./podcasts on training runs image.

  • Thanks, Sharon. You give me hope! X
    I would really like to do this as the timing is right for me with other races scheduled.
  • Hi Siony,

    It wasn't chip-timed last year, it's probably too small for it to be cost-efficient.  If it helps, I was at the back of the line-up and it only took 1 1/2 mins to get over the start.

  • ffFran - sorry but we have to enforce the no headphones rule - and many runners have said how much they enjoy it!  The course is not traffic free and it is just too risky.

    Postcode for school is CT9 3PP

    Rosemary you are right - its not cost efficient and we like to keep our races as good a value for money as possible and the benefits of chip timing currently don't outweigh the costs.

    I am on holiday for virtually the whole of May so no more entries will be updated till June - check the website to make sure we have received your entry - there is one waiting at the post office as someone didn't put the right postage on!image

  • Is there a route map image

  • Here you go Bazz, a link to the newly measured course map...


  • I signed up at the beginning of the week, and by the look of it I'm glad as it says next to the online entry that it is full. Now I need to look at that course map!

    I just checked out the course map link, is it 2 laps of the half marathon? and is there anywhere to see the actual course route, I'm just wondering about the elevation.

  • We'll be opening up additional online entries when the team is back from holiday, so fear not - we're not full yet!

    Sharon, there's a bit more on the course on the website - http://www.thanetroadrunners.org.uk/events/kent-coastal-marathon-and-half-marathon?q=kentcoastalmarathonhalf-2012

    The course route is on the .pdf file - it's not two laps of the half, but the first half follows the same 'undulating' route as those on the half marathon, before the marathoners head out for a flatter second half. We haven't got the profile of the new course, but that for the 2011 course is given, and it's not changed greatly this year.

    Hope that helps! 

  • Thanks Ed Heardman, much appreciated.

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    ive just done edinburgh and am looking for a marathon fairly close to home since i live in SE london..I came across this one and am very tempted to enter. I assume anyone can enter and are there places still available? (hoping this would be my sub 3hr one)

  • Iain you are welcome to enter and we still have places available.  You can enter online via Runners World or save £2 and download an entry form from www.thanetroadrunners.org.uk

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    i have just entered through runners world... the marathon bug has well and truley bitten..looking forward to a good challange! 

  • Always a fun day out by the sea - this will be my third year at the marathon

  • Are there still places left as I might well be up for this one, the Kent coastal HM was my second race after starting running in 2008 got a nice green t-shirt from that. which being my first ever HM I still wear with pride....especialy after all the doubters I know.

  • Hi Tommy, We've still got places still left for now. This time you can look forward to an anniversary technical T for getting round! Cheers, Ed

  • Coolio

    I sign up tonight when I get home image

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    image depending on the docs verdict i might have to pull out of the marathon. If i do is there a way i can defer my place for next year??

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