Last pre-London Marathon long Sunday run, what you doing? Is 22 miles too long?



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    mark - I really think you should err on the side of shorter distances, and mix in a little bit of MP on some of the shorter runs.  To give you some perspective, a club mate of mine is aiming for sub-2:40 and is known for being a bit overly keen on getting training in, so needs to put a lid on things now that all the hard work has been done.  Coming down from 90 mpw, coach advised him to bin his plans to do 16 miles on Sunday just gone (i.e. two weeks out) and just do 12 instead. 

    (As an example of MP stuff during the taper, this evening he's got him doing a 45 minute run, comprising 15 mins @MP+15secs/mile / 15 mins @MP / 15 mins @MP+15 secs/mile.  I only know this cos I said I'd do it with him for a bit of support.  I'm not running the marathon.  image)

    If I was doing the marathon I'd probably do no more than 10 miles LR one week out, then probably just another 3 runs in the final week, nothing more than 6 miles, with just the odd mile @ target MP to remind the legs what pace they need to be running on the day. 

    You can't lose any fitness at this stage, but you can (a) freshen up, (b) run a little MP on fresh legs which feels easy and will give you confidence, and (c) conserve energy, which along with a sensible carb-load will maximise your glycogen stores.

  • Cheers will do, will do 7 tommorow then and 10 sunday. Ive done 2 x 15 miles, 2 x 17, 1 x 18, 1 x 19, 1 x 20 miles and 1 x 21 mile and 1 x 22 miles.

  • I fantasise about a sub 4 hour finish, even by 1 second. Not once during my training have I done a sunday run not jaded or with depleted energy levels so im hoping doing it fully recovered and full of energy and rested will allow me to go for it.

    Also not having to carry loads of gels and water and a heavy belt will help plus small things like a vst so im cool and not winter clothing like te long sunday runs have been run in.

  • Mark

    The above has highlighted a few things to me.  I'm assuming this is your first marathon?  It's mine also but I do like to plan ahead so I've practised hydration, know where the gel and lucozade stops are and even got a mate a mile 8 to give me some gels! 

    This sunday, I suggest you run in EXACTLY what you intend to wear. I did this last weekend with my 16 miler all at MP (I needed to see if I could do it!).  Anyway, vest v cotton t-shirt is a whole new ball game on the nipple area!  Having applied vaseline pre-run, I came home with blood and cut nipples as the vest is nylon (running for Royal Marsden).  I now know I need to plaster them this Sunday and practice again...

    It's just little things like that that will annoy you on the day if you haven't practiced.  Also a vest is annoying for the first few miles as it bounces until it gets soaked in sweat.  Might not annoy you but it was good to know....

    I'd also have a look at the Virgin Marathon interactive map so you know where the gel / lucozade stations are.  There are only 2 gel points at mile 14 and mile 21.  Personally, I'll be having a gel at 8 miles, 14 miles, 18 miles and 21 miles. 

    Finally, a mate of mine who runs Berlin every year said make sure you keep some toilet roll on you.  It won't be pretty if you're caught short and the portaloo has run out...!!!

  • I have done 2 before, London  and New York last year but both were  disasters due to circumstances out of my hand.

     I finished both but the times were crap. London I did it in 6 hours 50 minutes as I did it with my cousin who was struggling after 5 miles and ended up in hospital by mile 13 so it ruined it for me, she just didnt train for it and eat breakfast and the miles were so slow.

    New York I did it in 6 hours 18 minutes but again this was a disaster, I had been up 24 hours due to travelling, had jet lag, I was ill and also day before without realising id walked about 10 miles. I was gone after 3 imles but completed it.

    The New York one also I was about a stone over what my target weight was, London last year I was very fit and had trained well so even more reason to put the matter straight this time a sthe tim wasnt my fault.

    Im even lighter this year then London last year, Im faster, a lot faster, ive trained harder, I can run 9 minute miles easily now at a steady pace. Ive done a lot more high mile runs on a sunday and in the week ive run faster with speed runs too.

  • In that case, all sounds like you're good to go.  There's no point a first timer like me giving you any advice - maybe you should give me some?!

    Good luck Mark!!  My 4 hour time might pail into fantasy also but I'm hopeful that if I can reach 20 miles in 3 hours or under, I can just about make that 4 hour time...

  • So 7 miles tommorow and 10 sunday? Then ill do 3 monday and a days rest then 3 wednesday and thats me done for the week?

  • Might stretch to 8 miles today.
  • You all wearing your charity vest if runnng for charity tommorow, says we have to but its bloody freezing.
  • It was freezing in charity vest but still warmed up in a mile or so.

    I did 10 yesterday - slowly.  1.36 I think.   This week

    Monday - weights
    Tuesday - 4 mile gentle run
    Wednesday - Very gentle swim 10 or 20 lengths.
    Thursday - 3 mile very gentle run

    And that's it.

    Mark, given you've run London before, what time should I aim to get there?  Off from the red start...towards the back I'd imagine given I put 4.30 as my predicted time...
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