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Hi Folks,

As some may have noticed I've been absent from the forums for a while. The reason being I've had a torrid time with injuries and illness over the winter, s'not been funny.

Anyway, the reason for the post is not to ask for advice, help, or anything else really. More to get me back into the habit of posting. I tend to keep away when I can't run through injury as I found in the past I tend to push too hard, too early if I'm regularly posting.

Another reason is after reading the VLM mag that came through the door and seeing how much they push that if you're not in absolutely tip-top shape don't run. Well, I can tell you I am in no way anywhere close to being in tip-top shape! I'm still going to run. I know it will hurt, I know I will be, in comparison to my other mara times, as slow as a very slow thing, I know I will find it hard to walk properly for a period of time after. I am however going to run because I know all these things. I mean, you don't only exercise when you are at 100% do you?

I'll be doing a half on Sunday. Looking at my mileage over the winter it's surprising what a large percentage of it were races. Sometimes going several weeks where the only running I did was a race at the weekend. Strangely in all the races I did this winter that I did last year I was faster, much faster in places, despite a lot less training. Odd how things workout eh? But they were for the most part short XC except Meon Plod & Grizzly so the speed is still there, it's the fitness and stamina that have taken a real battering.

I've nearly thrown the cold I've had since xmas. The only injuries I have are the ones that I have got used to over many years of living with them (All connected to rugby and none to running). I've done more mileage this week (10!) than I have since Grizzly, and I'm feeling so much better internally, more positive.

Am I ready to run a half? Not really. Am I ready to run a full, yeah right.... I have a 40m run in May after which I may be walking by June when I have a race planned with a friend to do the Welsh 3000's. Contemplating the Picnic again this year in late June. Do Tadley 10K in early July then start training for SNOD. Still thinking about doing the Ridgeway in August.

Yep, probably silly but hey, it'll be fun. Oh, and it helps being a masochist I think.

Nice to be back.

See you on a thread somewhere.

If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
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