Fetch Everyone too slow??

Is anyone else having problems using Fetch Everyone on ipad? It generally seems to be taking 2-3 minutes for pages to load (quite often it just wont load at all). I have contacted Fetch but he didnt seem to be able to do anything about it. It seems quicker on the laptop. Every other website seems fine on the ipad, shame this is the one i use every day!


  • seems lightening fast to me

    it does go slow occasionally

  • Don't use an ipad, but it has been fine on my laptop.

    Hope your contact with Fetch is not what caused him to pull the Thingthon game because it was making the site slow - I was doing quite well this month!
  • image i've reverted to laptop. Shame though. (not me exiled claret!).
  • Working beautifully for me. (posted via iPad)
  • It was slow last night on my lappy.  I can't see the device making any difference - it's the delivery of the page that takes the time, not so much the device's rendering of it.
  • Slow on Mac to.

  • Its got so bad (now taking about 5 minutes) I've had to start using MyAsics instead image i feel lke such a traitor!
  • They are doing some upgrade/work on it just now, so fingers crossed it improves.



  • I've not had any probles at all.

  • Using Fetch from my PC.... no problems here at all! image

  • Extremely slow for me too using the latest iPad, will have to try a laptop..
  • You're not alone, been like it for days. Reckon I could complete a 5k in the time it takes a single page to refresh - getting well grumpy!
  • Move to the country, then you will get used to slow internet! Fetch is no slower than anything else for me.

  • I do Live in the country Johnny again! Fetch is still the slowest thing I use.
  • I think it is Safari which is causing the problems. Hubby said to try a different browser so I downloaded Dolphin (seemed to get the best reviews) off itunes. So far (2 days in) it is rlly quick - no problems at all. Fingers crossed!!
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