Can you recommend a 5 litre running backpack?

Can anyone recommend a 5 litre running backpack? Naturally it needs to be quite light and stable. Preferably a neutral colour. Darker rather than lighter.


  • Decathlon do a Quechua 5 litre backpack that comes with a removable bladder. I've got one, it's not bad, Think I paid about £15.
  • Mizuno do one. I picked mine up at the Royal Parks HM for £15 - think you can find it online for about £25, but you need to buy a bladder separately. It's black. I've found it comfortable for up to 32-mile runs, so far, and it's good and stable.
  • Thanks, I had the Mizuno bag in mind too
  • Salomon advanced skin do one that sits high up without a waist belt, with bladder if that is an issue.
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