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Hi, im running the london marathon (first one), ive been running for 7 months and have done 4 x 18 mile trauning runs and 1 x 20 mile plus shorter ones in the lead up.  I was due to do my last long run tomorrow (31st) before going to egypt for a week but have come down with a really bad case of flu so wont be able to run tomorrow.  Do you think im still going to be ok for london and once I feel better what sort of training should I do?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated, at the moment idont think I could run .2 milesnever mind 26.2!



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭
    You've got 4 of your 5 long runs in the bank, so I wouldn't worry too much. Psychologically its nice to complete that last long run, but physically you'll have made most of the adaptations on your previous runs. Also most people don't complete 100% of their plans due to illness or other commitments, so your not alone.

    Best thing you can do is make sure you have recovered from the flu, and then continue with your plan. I'm assuming it will have two or three weeks of tapering, so just continue with the reduced miles. Your more likely to hinder your race if you try and "squeeze" that long run into the last couple of weeks.

    Also remember that it takes two weeks for your body to benefit from a particular training session, so the last couple of weeks are about maintaining your fitness rather and making sure your rested rather than trying to boost your potential performance levels.
  • Really good advice that.
  • Thanks image, its really frustrating not to be able to do it bt there is no way I could run at the moment, I had to teach 2 zumba classes last night and it wiped me out!    Im planning to do shorter daily runs in egypt once I feel strong enough and will do a 'short' longer run on the bank holiday when I get back so fingers crossed I will be ok for 22nd.

     Thanks for the advice.


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