Finding training too difficult

I may have to pull out of this year's VLM as I can't seem to manage the training. About 6 weeks ago I did 15m without too much trouble but since then I have had to abandon 3 runs at about the 13m mark with nothing left in the legs. 

Of course it could be age but at 51 I'm not particularly old for a runner and last year I managed several big events quite successfully. The only other change is that I now cycle to work. It's only 3m each way but I'm wondering if my legs just don't get enough chance to recover. I don't think it's a stamina issue.

Can anyone share similar experiences? 


  • What sort of pace are you running at?  What time are you targeting?

    It may be that you are simply trying to go too fast

  • I cant see 3 miles of cycling would take that much out of you.

    But if your last long run was 6 weeks ago and you've not got past half distance since then I'd not be fancying doubling the distance.

    I'd defer if you can and sort out whats wrong with you or the training.
  • Could it be a nutrition thing?  Are you eating enough before your long runs?  Or hydration.  It's amazing what a difference these factors can make.
  • I'd agree with Cougie.  If you're too tired to train, you're too tired to race and you could end up injured at worse or just hating the experience.  Defer, sort out what's causing the fatigue and build your strength back up over the next 12 months.  Then you'll do yourself justice and hopefully enjoy the experience all the more for it.
  • Thanks for the responses but I'm going to do the race as it's already a deferred place. I think it could be a head thing as much as anything: the mind saying why are putting yourself through this? It's my 4th time btw so I know what I'm letting myself in for. image
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