VLM Route

Just got back from cycling around route and a few things worry a little. Firstly, Red start, the common opposite the park is fenced off for building work so no where for supporters to stand,the area around Cutty Sark is another building site and does not look at all near ready for opening, also the roadway along side the ship is now narrow due to new entrance. Creek road is badly pot holed as is part of Jamaica road.There is also major road/building work by London Pride on Isle of Dogs. Just be aware for trips, slips and twisted ankle, also warn family/friends of restricted access/ views. Other than that Good Luck in 3 weeks, see you there and hopefully enjoy !!!


  • Dave, can you pop into the Support Group 3 thread and make your presence known please.  Thank you.image
  • not sure why supporters would want to stand at the start.....but i'm sure for the rest of it they will sort it out.......it will be congested whatever happens to the route.........not long now
  • Just heard due to the fact that these works are not likely to be finished the marathon has been cancelled this year am gutted - trained all last week for it and now nothing!!
  • Really?  I heard that they had delayed it a month to allow time for the work to be compeleted.
  • No, I think it's going to be made into a 5k instead.
  • Yeah but they've made it a race for life. Sorry blokes.

    I think I read in the final mag about the building works at the start - they say something about lack of spectator space.
  • hope they delay start for a month cos i may just get my training started by then
  • I have trained for potholes -  I did the Cambridge Half a few weeks ago image
  • You have to be trained in Potholing to enter this year?...
  • Or possibly the longjump?
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