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Hi, I managed to get a hotel 4.5 miles from my blackheath start for the London marathon, but theres no tubes nearby that go there. There is a bus that goes pretty close. does anyone know if the buses run as normal on marathon day , if they are busy, or any other options I should consider?


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    How a bout a bus to the nearest station? Lewisham? then take a train, the roads will be mental round the start and buses may well be diverted.

    look on the Transport for London website, you can input 22nd April and get a route planned.

  • Sam, you can take a bus from peckham rye station to lewisham station, takes about 20 mins ( queens road station takes about 12 mins) then you can walk up hill to black heath in about 25 mins, this is the way we always use, as mr puffy says check out tfl web site, good luck on 22nd
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    i wouldn't take the bus......can't time it properly and you won't want to stress about time. agree, get bus to train station.
  • trouble is there are planned works on local train routes that week end 
  • I saw the bus 436 bus took me to lewisham, and then had the options of a bus, a train or walking to blackheath. It didn't seem to far to walk from lewisham? So is the 436 bus a good idea to get me to lewisham at least? I'm more stressed about getting to the start than actually running the race!
  • sam, where about are you actually staying? when i know will then try to help you better
  • Cheers dave, really appreciate that,  I'm staying at the church street hotel, camberwell church street, london, SE5 8TR
  • Hey Sam,bus to Lewisham station then walk up the hill 20 mins max,a good warm up. Don't faff about getting on a train to take you 1-2 stations and you still have to walk over common from Blackheath station.Have a good run.

  • Sam, take the 436 bus to Lewisham station,(about 20 mins)then walk under railway bridge and up lewisham hill, elliot road and straight onto blackheath common, as DR H says about 20 mins. Any more info then let me know, good luck on 22nd
  • thanks for that, really appreciate it, puts my mind at ease a bit

  • Hi Sam I live very near that hotel on Camberwell Grove. I still have not worked out my route. But options are either getting bus to northern line- about 10 minutes oval nearest but elephant not far. ( Oval is also walkable about 25 minutes) then northern line into London Bridge then train. I am a bit nearer East dulwich as at the top of road so alternatives are train to London Bridge from ED, Peckham Rye or Denmark Hill although train times are reportedly v slow on TFL and then train from LB.

    It is a shame as there is usually a direct train from Denmark Hill to Blackheath but is not running on marathon day as it is a slow train.

    Or 436 to New Cross ( need to get off at Marquis of Granby pub) and then 1-2 minute walk to New Cross then train to Blackheath. Which should be the quickest route ( quicker than going via Lewisham)but fear that options of taking buses in direction of Blackheath may well be problematic due to traffic.

    I am half toying with taking a taxi to London Bridge in the morning ( should be against the grain of the traffic) and hopefully will be less stressful as less variables if you want to join me.
  • Take a taxi to Blackheath or the 436 to Lewisham, which stops right outside your hotel. If you approach from the Blackeath side you can get right up to the common on race day. I live near your hotel and did the marathon last year.
  • I live in East Dulwich near CM. I'm lucky because I get a lift, but the roads have always been clear. I think you should take a bus to the bottom of Blackheath Hill and walk from there.

    I wouldn't head for the tube - you would be going miles out of your way and into the crowds.
  • Agree with CL you are going miles out of your way by trying the tube, seriously mate stick with bus to lewisham and then walk over common, no hassle, best of luck on sunday!!!!
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