Worcester Half Marathon 2012

Are runners going to be allocated in pens according to estimated time and event? Just wondering, as some half marathon runners would like to start fast and don't want to get stuck in the crowd. Some full marathon runners might have a slower more conservative pace.


  • Hi Andres,

    That's a good question.  There are no pens planned because there will be marathon runners running who can sub 6 minute mile and it would be unfair on them having to overtake lots of the half marathon runners. All runners will be encouraged to stand in appropriate place at the start depending on their ability.  There are only 230 Marathon Runners at the moment so there's not too many to be stuck behind.

     See you on the 15th.

     Best Regards


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  • Was it just me or were there a number of mile markers missing?? I didn't see any from 5-10 miles or an 11 mile marker!
  • buy a watch then lol

    Thought it was a good event, well organised & a nice route. I did the half, was meant to be taking it easy and ended up getting a PB. image

    Looking forward to seeing the results & pics

     cheers for a good race

  • Hi

    I was helping out with this race and I know the organisers would appreciate any feedback you can provide, as it will help when putting the event together next year.

    Thank you, and thanks for taking part!

  • Marshals were great, thanks for a job well done. I know this is nothing to do with marshals but the mile markers missing was a let down and perhaps marshals could have helped giving the information to the runners.
  • 26 mile markers were put out when the course was set-up. It seems that quite a few of them went missing in the build-up to the race along with other direction and information signs.

    Thank you for your constructive comments. Glad you enjoyed the race.

  • I ran the half marathon today and found it a challenging, but fun course. I was slightly caught out by the number of hills, so maybe that could be factored into the brief for next year. Also, it seemed the delayed start was at least partly caused by slow parking and drivers paying £3 as they drove in. Even just after 8.30am a decent queue had built up. Maybe next year parking could be paid for in advance or included in entry fee to speed up traffic flow. Thanks to the organisers and marshalls - this was a good debut. I think this could become a popular race for those seeking a tougher half or marathon.

  • Danny T - I have left my feedback on my review but just for the record:

    1.  The parking was a joke - be upfront with the charge or add it to the entry fee, the cars in front of me were looking in their boot and all sorts. There were queues back to the motorway from 8:30am.

    2.  Mile markers missing, I can't understand why someone would steal only some of them!

    3.  Cotton T-Shirts are a waste of time (IMO) and just end up in drawers, give technical ones and people wear  them at other races - free advertising!!

    If this was organised by a running club the above could be forgiven but an Events Management Company should do better.

    There was a good turnout for a first race but not sure how many will return.  £19/£21 for a race with no road closures and have to pay for parking just stinks of profiteering - I hope there was a sizeable donation to the Hospice off the back of this event.

    RAnt over!!

  • neuv, a bit harsh i thought it was a good event for a first try,i agree the missing mile markers were a pain but i thought the pricing was fair and a lot cheaper than some other races,the website did say that there would be a £3 charge but i think you are right about adding it to the entry fee.

    perhaps next year they will mark out the course on the morning so that the markers dont go missing,but the teeething problems that were there wouldnt stop me doing it again.

  • Wildebeast - I don't think it is harsh.  Firstly with the £3 fee that takes it up to £24 for an unaffiliated runner, any higher and you are getting into the realms of a top end race that involves city centre road closures! I think Liverpool is only £28 and GNR not much more.  There must have been between 1500-2000 cars there and that is £5000 made on car parking alone - that is a nice pay day.

    This is an Events Management Company, not volunteers!!

    Please don't get me wrong, there are not enough Half Marathon's at this time of year in the Midlands so I want it to survive, but by the looks of the 64% satisfaction on the race reviews I am not alone.  As others have eluded to it would be great if the route could take in the City centre and the sights associated with it, that would make it worth the money.

    I compare it to Chippenham HM which always makes it in the the Top 10 RW races, the route takes in the High St, has some road closures, free parking and all for £16 (I think!!!).

    Room for improvement and I hope the organisers take note and improve for next year.

  • Just a thought but a staggered start between the half and full may have helped with traffic ques as one group of runners would have had to get their a bit earlier perhaps? Agree parking fee was advertised but I parked on the industrial estate round the back for free and walked to the ground. Don't think it should be included in the price and to be fair the club parking would of only been empty any other Sunday so felt it was a bit cheeky to charge anyway. If they absolutely had too than a quid would of been sufficient.
  • I really enjoyed the course although the hills were a bit tough but the scenery was beautiful. I think that the drink stations should have some pieces of orange, banana etc as well as water/SIS and jelly babies since in a marathon you usually need something else.

    Thank you very much to the organisers and volunteers who did such good work and the people who cheered us.

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