Easter Monday bike ride

I've got a few people interested in a Bank holiday Monday ride round South Essex.

Probably be around 50 miles and will include a cake stop up towards South Weald Park.

If you know Essex you'll know we don't do hills but do have some good lanes.

Start time TBC upon preference.


  • The only way is Essex image
  • Can you swing past Devon and pick me up?
  • Is this all on road?

  • Yes, mostly lanes with occasional B roads.
  • A motorway has lanes! image
  • I don't know Essex so are you kidding about no hills.....I don't want to come along and be moaning about hills.  A nice flat ride on the otherhand sounds delightful. image
  • Where are you thinking of starting?
  • at the very beginning   image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    It's a very good place to start.
  • Count me in FF ... SMT will probably be up for it as well

  • AJ -Grays, near Blackshotts.

    Saff -seriously, no hills

  • If we have some transport should be ok.
  • I'll turn up

    When, where, etc etc
  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)

    AJ -Grays, near Blackshotts.

    Saff -seriously, no hills

    Good cos I am seriously trying to get a pass to come and play......working on it!!! image
  • Right then,

    9.30am good for everyone?

    Meet in the car park of Blackshots Leisure Centre and Civic hall, This is about 10 mins from the A13 junc with the M25

    Address is Blackshots lane, Grays, Essex RM16 2JU, Parking is free and if anyone wants to bring their trainers to turn this inot a little brick session then got loads of playing area to run on.

    Been over most of the route and except for one bit with road works then surface seems good.

    Will be looking to stop aaround the half way point for tea and cake so bring your pocket money.

    If anyone wants my mobile number send me a private messgae and i will get back to you.

    If not see you monday...oh and we play rain or shine

  • See you Monday
  • Enjoy guys, I am on kids duty.
  • Wibble

    Ii have seen the weather forcast for Monday......
  • Oh come on OC...after the ride you did at the TCR show this should be a breeze.
  • Miserable weather but a great ride out , thanks for organising FF .
  • Come on!!! full report!
  • Dustboy wrote (see)
    Come on!!! full report!

    hmm .. not so much to report really DB ..   Atendees .. just the three of us daft enough to go out "for the fun of it" in that weather , Flat Footed , Slags Mate Tony , and me.  twenty something mile ride from blackshotts through the twistys down towards upminster , up a few hills towards Brentwood and on to South Weald park.  Much deserved cups of tea and cake whilst socks and gloves had a 30 minute warm up over the radiator in the tea shop (not sure they would have been too impressed had they noticed) , comedy moment as SMT remembers only after he heads to the toilet that he has his tri suit on under the rest of the gear.. and given the less than glorious weather the cold and wet had shall we say made trouser leg retrieval and aiming a little challenging .

    Refreshed we set out for a few more gentle upflats hitting all the best B towns in Essex.. Brentwood (again) , then Billericay , and onto Basvegas .. some minor directional confusion at the A127 , but quickly resolved and onwards to Dunton , then FF on towards Grays and SMT and myself out towards Hornchurch

    Round trip of around 63 miles with a few  energy sapping hills, although i think more because of the wind and rain than the gradients, and What would have been some fast technical descents had the road surface been dry .. all in all a very nice little route with pretty decent surfaces for the most part (by Essex road standards at least)

  • Excellent work! Visions of SMT pointing his leg at the bowl splashing one out! LOL.
  • sorry for the non attendance

    bad weather, a dodgy knee and too much wine the night before did me in.

    Happy to do any other rides if I can vet the forecast first image
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