Talkback: New Balance 860

I went for New Balance as they do a 12 ½ UK unlike all the other manufacturers that jump from 12 to 13. Have run in the Asics 2000 series for years but the 12 is a little snug and the 13 big – hence my purchase. Despite having a gait analysis done, on the road,  I found the shoes hard, unforgiving and less supportive than 2160s  - A couple of runs in them resulted in a great deal of lower leg pain and a phone call to the wife to pick me up. Sadly trainers now in the shoe rack to be replaced with a new pair of 2160’s


  • Sorry folks - was writing a review but stuck the entry in the wrong box !!
  • I actually prefer a less bouncy feel,may work for me.shame ,it's a bloody pain getting the right shoe!
  • Just had a run in a pAir of860s and they are great for me..way better than my 859. And I used to love them,they are less bulky and light.
  • It's great that there are options for us all. I think I will stick with Asics as they seem to work for me. Good luck with the new trainers & enjoy image
  • yes,if they fit 100% stick with them..iam buying as many as i cant to keep in stock!

  • Awesome shoe - just how i like it. They have a glove like fit around the mid sole so that they feel like just another layer to the foot. Breckenridge Homes For Sale however, there is then enough width in the toe box to give you good splay. The shoe is incredibly light but the ride is firm enough to give you good traction and speed.
  • Fully agree with the Pros and Cons listed above. Not the greatest looking shoe but it does the job very well. The retailer advised that these provided minimal support for pronantion which is what I needed.

    Tried all the leading rival shoes but this was the only one with a wide fitting option. Got a good price as they are now considered last years model. Will use these to replace my New Balance M1260 MP shoes.

    Done a few 20k runs over the past few weeks and they felt absolutely fine. No niggles or pains. All looks good.

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