"Down Tow Up Flow" Half-Marathon

MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

Can't let this one get away ... sells out early every year, for good reason. Glorious little bimble along the river from Windsor to Marlow.

I'm in!



  • Thanks for the reminder Mutley. I've just entered. Always a good one.

    Part of the route along the Thames path near Dorney Lake is currently shut due to the Olympics but presumably that will all be sorted out by July.

  • Hi - have just entered this for the first time - looks like a nice summer trot.  I'll be towards the back as I do a 2.14 "normal" half and have been recommended to add about 15 minutes to my time for this.  I know it's multi terrain but is it enough for trail shoes or will standard road shoes be OK?
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Most of the course is along tow path and decent trail, the rest is along tarmac bits. If the weather's been really foul lately there might be some muddy or soft stretches or even some standing water but it's not a cross country. I'll be in road shoes.
  • This is a wonderful run. Road shoes should be fine. Just enjoy it. Probably not a pb course but a race you will never forget for good reasons. Well organised and well marshalled. See you there !
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    I'm running this one just so I can say I've done both directions image

  • I've done the last two years of this event.  It's a great event.  The hardest part for me is running past the boats when they are cooking their early morning fry-up and the smell of bacon has me drooling image

  • Just entered it. Why do you say add 15 mins to the time for this? I was under the impression it's pretty flat.
  • When I read the previous comments from earlier years that seemed to be the general consensus - that yes, it's flat, but because of potential congestion etc. it was quite a bit slower than a true road half marathon.

    I've got no more evidence than that but have in my head that if I can drag myself through in around 2 and a half hours I won't embarrass myself too much!  Looking at results from previous years there seems to be a really good spread of runners and loads of slower runners like me.

    Worryingy I'm on holiday for the 2 weeks prior to the race and only come back on the Wednesday so at least I'll be well rested and well carbed up (too much Greek beer and pasta), but if I can get my long runs done before I go I should be OK 

  • Ah, congestion. I suppose it's inevitable in the South East!

    There's a lovely campsite at Hurley on the banks of the river. I think I'll make a weekend of it.

  • I've entered this and am looking forward to getting a PB. There was congestion on the Reading Half marathon (only HM I've completed) - presumably it will thin out as the run progresses?

  • What happens at Maidenhead  - is this a road crossing point dodging the traffic on the A4? I'll be doing this for the first time. I often uses the Thames path  for long runs and have covered the path between Windor and  Hurley.

    Hope the path will be open at Dorney - I find the current diversion around the rowing lake dull

  • The Thames Path at Maidenhead goes over the bridge and then you go down some steps and go under the bridge. So there's no traffic dodging involved.

    I know what you mean about the diversion around the rowing lake, but I think the path is being upgraded for the Olympics so I assume it must be finished by July.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Ah yes, the steps. Not a huge obstacle in their own right but given the rest of the course is flat they do crunch your quads somewhat ...

  • I've just enetered a 10K race for next week and I can run that fine but I haven't pushed myself further than that yet. Do you think it's possible to get half marathon ready by July?  I'm considering entering this one to make me work harder, and because this one looks flat.  Please tell me if you think that's a crazy idea! 

  • 8 weeks to half marathon.... no problem. just up your long run by a mile or two per week and you're there

  • Thank you for the advice IKFY. Looking at it like that it sounds very achievable.  Provided progress is ok, I will see you there.image

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    You'll be fine a long as you stay healthy.  I've not run since the MK marathon due to man flu so hoping it'll go over the weekend so I can get back out. 

  • Loz - your comment about "doing both directions" concerns me.........image

    Does your wife know?

  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    haha, you should have been worried before we shared a room in Benidorm image

  • at least you didn't pee in the wardrobe...........image

  • My friend has a pair of 5 fingers bare foot shoes.... would she be able to run in these?

  • Ania, thats just weird, fingers on your feet or will your friend run on their hands ?

    Anyway I will enter this one as my good friend AndyP says its a good one!


  • Hi FH - def a good run - how's it going for NY prep?

    Ania - not sure about the "barefoot" footwear - there are some parts of the course that are gravelly towpath stretches. How robust are the soles of these shoe types?

  • Andy,

    On last two weeks of training for Lake Coniston Mara on 1 July, will then take 2 weeks recovery and then I think it will be 16 weeks of hard training for NY.

    Training for this one has gone well and I hope to do a good time for the course.

    How are you doing ?

    Added a few more race for my year of running, have a look at :-




  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Entry form is in the post image

  • Probably won't be fit enough yet to run it, but may well be there to give y'a yell, Mutts. Hey...do you think that after ten years we might get to meet at last?! image

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Greetings Mr K ... haven't seen you for a while. I note you weren't at this year's Midsummer Munro. Probably a wise move because it was a special bonus edition - 16 miles. It'll take me all week to recover.

    Jj ... 'twill indeed be good to meet ... we're a bit like ships in the night image

  • FH - some dodgy photos there my friend!!

  • I have a spare place for this up for grabs if anyone wants it. Drop me a line and we can sort out the details.

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭

    Evening all,

    Hello Mutts, hello andyp image

    Muttley - Been a bit out of action, now building back up. What happened at Box Hill this year? Did not read the large print - 16M?? How are the legs now? Are you at the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 ?

    Looking forward to this one - it`s a nice one. I just hope I remember to drive to the finish first. Anyone else getting the coach?

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