Sussex Marathon

I did the Sussex Marathon (well half!) over in Heathfield today. It was very well organised, and was a great race. The timing chip was spot on accurate (take note Brighton), and there was a good feel about it. Yet there were maniac drivers from time to time. That aside it was a good race, but mile 12 was a killer. Such a hard hill. For the full marathon runners. My god!! to do that hill twice. Once was enough.

The highlight was (and am not gay before you say it) this guy running in his underpants, or speedo pants they looked like. It was hilarious.

Well to everyone who did it. Good on you. I did it in 1.42.00, and to the guy who chased me, or i chased to the finishing post, and we damn near finished same time, it was a good finish, and good note to end on.


  • I did the marathon today and yes that last hill was harder second time around. A bit a killer course but enjoyed it. They always put on a good event and a special shout out to the marshalls awesome job by everyone. I'll be back next year if only to beat buzz lightyear image
  • fab run,my first hilly race,came 2 nd in my age group of fv5 ( but there was only the two of us) ha! going to come first next year.
  • Hi there, thinking of enetering the half this year and was wondering if anyone could recommend good places to stay nearly?

  • I dont know the area that well sorry, but i am sure there must be a Premiere Inn nearby. I am coming from Horsham, so is about an hours drive.

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