Monday after Outlaw

A genuine question here folks.  Is the Monday after Outlaw a day worth hanging around for?

I'm asking as six competitors from my local tri club have been successful on the waiting list, and are travelling over from Northern Ireland in a minibus on the Friday before.  I have an offer of a seat on that bus, but they are travelling back on the Monday morning.

I had planned on staying for the Monday in the expectation of a hooly.  I have never met a pirate, but I think you all know how to have a good time.  If I get some confidence that a shindig will take place and that it'll all get out of hand and very embarrasing, then I'll travel over on my own to stay on.

I'm not looking for promises, just reassurance that a load of fellow childish adults are staying on afterwards to have a drink and a laugh.


  • The Monday after any race is better than the day itself .... in short, yes

    You will miss:

    The Pirate Awards

    The Mincing

    The Beer

    Carl doing his party piece

    Someone falling over

    Copious amounts of Chips

    The Team Photo

    A lot of sleep

    Being talked about

    more beer


  • Yes.

    Monday will be Pirate party and prizegiving.

    We usually hire a venue, which has been easy abroad because so long as we promise to drink lots they are happy to do that with no charge.  Overseas we've also been able to find places outdoors.  We will need to find somewhere in Nottingham that is able, and probably more importantly willing, to accommodate the rabble on Monday.  It usually ends in lots of drinking, eating and shameful, embarrassing activities.

  • Oh yes and you will miss Jj and HOlly sat on swivel chairs singing nonsense with AItch    image
  • Holly I thought we had identified a pub?
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    Oh yes and you will miss Jj and HOlly sat on swivel chairs singing nonsense with AItch    image

    They weren't just swivel chairs - they went up and down as well!

    A good fun day taking the mick out of everything we do and anyone who chooses to wear white tri shorts. Plenty of food is eaten as many seem hungry - don't know why.


  • Thanks folks, then I'm for staying.

    My tri club mates have told me that I'd want to jump into the bus and come straight home after, and that I wouldn't feel like having a drink.  But they obviously don't know me very well. 

    I hope not to be winning any prizes, and I have gathered that I'd have to go some anyway to even make the shortlist for the mincing prize.

  • There are some highly fought after prizes VT but yes, you would have to go some to beat our Chief Mincers

  • am more than happy to be master of ceremonies this year as only on feed station and I know FB is not going to be there this year

  • and is just as well as the mincing award could be mine

  • I think you'll find FB wasn't there last year either.  He had already passed on the baton.

    Master of Ceremonies last year was shared by me and Jj. image

  • i know what i was like after a half iron, a full one is going to leave me looking like my avatar, or worse, so i doubt i will be able to move even if i want to.
  • I am booked in hotel till Tuesday. I'll buy you a drink mate!
  • "and I know FB is not going to be there this year"

    is that a fact? or a rumour??

  • I think the existence of FB is a rumour...................  image
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    "and I know FB is not going to be there this year"

    is that a fact? or a rumour??


    sorry mate I thought you had already posted that you and Petal wouldn't be there this year

  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    we said that we'd support at Outlaw but looking at commitments we already have for racing (we're racing away from home on consecutive weekends before Outlaw) and then our Olympic volunteer duties after the Outlaw weekend, we may not be able to help now. it's a question of balancing time off work with business commitments....

    so for the time being stick us on a provisional list please.....I'm not going to commit and then let people down.  if we can make it, we will, but best to have spare hands than no shows....

    once again sorry, I must have read that wrong

  • SA - nothing's definite yet - we might be there, but then again, we might not. don't take anything for granted.
  • image

    I'm sure and FB and a Jj will be a fabulouso double act.  I will be lying under a table (hopefully with an IV of beer tapped into me)

  • It best be worth hanging around for on the's the only reason I've entered Outlaw this yearimage
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