Frankfurt Marathon 2012

Signed up for this the other day and looking forward to it! Anyone else running this one?


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    imageI'm in

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    19 and a half weeks to go...what plans are you peeps going to follow?

  • Hiya people! Haven't been checking this recently. 

    Training for me starts the 30th. Hope the weather picks up a bit - it's been miserable!

    At least this one's meant to be flat. image

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    Hi Cat

    I've got 6 more weeks of Hadd base training, then I'm hoping to be fit enough for the 12 week P&D 55-70m. image

  • What is Hadd training?

    I probably don't need a full 16 weeks because I've got a good baseline, but that's what I've always done, and I want to squeeze in 5 long (18+) runs in alternative weeks, so that basically gives me a 4 week buildup to 18.

    I must say I'm feeling very unfit compared to the start of last marathon's training. I hope it goes away!

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    There's a thread on RW and another one on Fetch, but it's basically training by Heart Rate - specifically, getting the body to run at lower HRs and thus improve aerobically. I'm hoping that with a better base I can survive the next mara without slowing/bonking out...again...image

  • Hi all, i'm in for Frankfurt too! Scary much - the 18 week mark has crept up fast!

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    17 weeks to go. How's the training going, peeps?

  • First-week long run (8 miles) down this weekend and felt pretty good. Had been a bit worried about training through the summer but it's looking like i won't have toimage

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    Well done Jenny: won't worry or won't train? image
  • Won't worry, since there doesn't seem to e much summer yet... Definitely need to train! image

    How's everyone getting on?
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    Another week of slow plodding, pace controlled by the heart rate monitor, but managed to break 50 miles last week.image

  • Wow, so you're not just training up to Frankfurt I take it then?

    I ran just shy of 20 miles last week, so not quite in the same league but pretty pleased - hadn't added it up before!

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    Lol Jenny - I am an aerobic mess and the only way I'm going to cure it is doing lots of slow mileage. This will be my seventh attempt at a sub-4 (I'm not kidding)image. This time I'm leaving nothing to chance...

  • Hiya! Been watching Wimbledon so not been on the forums much! Good week for me - not too many niggles. I think I clocked 33 miles, which was more than I'd planned. Next weeks' a funny one - I have a 10K at the weekend, so not sure whether to take a cut back week in terms of long runs, or run home from the race, or make up the long run some other day in the week. Hmm...


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    Cat - my vote is warm up, race, easy jog homeimage

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    100 days to go peeps. Eek! Doesn't sound long at all!

  • 8 weeks to's the training going?

  • Hi guys..I only found out this forum. Shame I didn't check out earlier. I am also running this year. Had a shin split hence interupted training. I have started 2 weeks ago. Now I have 2 more week.

    One question...which airport is closer to the race? I haven't book my flight as I wasn't sure due to the injury.


    Good luck all.


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