London Marathon

Hello! I'm running in the VLM for the first time and wondered how long it takes to actually reach the start line? My estimated time is 4:15. Hrrs to 4:30 hrs. Thanks


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    depends which start pen you are put in based on your estimated finish time and  denoted by a little round circle on your race number when you get it. I would think you would be in at least pen 6, probably further back. I started in pen 6 in my first race and crossed the line seventeen minutes after the gun from the red start.

  • It doesn't matter how long it takes, as it's timed by using a chip on your shoe. The clock for your time will only start when you cross the line.

    I started on the red start on my first one and I was so far back (pen 9) that I couldn't even hear the gun image

  • I thought you meant "from where you're staying"!!!

    So I'll pretend you didimage

    What I WOULD say is that the DLR journey and walk to the start area is actually considerably longer than I had anticipated and you need to leave PLENTY of time for the journey if it involves DLR travel. There is quite a hill in Greenwich park too before you've even crossed the startline. Each startline is a fair old distance from the other ones and once you're committed to yours, they won't let you back through to the other ones so don't go through until you're ready.

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    Thanks for your replies. I wanted to know so that I could give an estimate to my friends and family of the likely time I would be at various mile markers.
  • What colour start are you on ?
  • smiley999smiley999 ✭✭✭
    I'm Blue - Blackheath
  • I was blue. Isn't that the furthest away Cougs? image
  • I think Red is worse you know !
  • Red was nearest last year! Do they move them? image
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