• I heard yeserday about his death and that they would have to organise an extraction due to where this had happened. It seemed he died as he lived, doing something he loved.

    It's said a lot about people, but I think Micah True was a fantastic person (and runner of course). With a real passion for the wild trails and helping the Raramuri. Having read the Christopher McDougall book, I was also very interested to see him at a talk in York last year (proceeds to raramuri). Came across as a nice and normal guy (the book is a bit dramatised as you'd expect), you could tell he was nervous talking to a crowd at start of talk - not a natural presenter, but warmed up nicely when he realised the makeup of the audience and it was a really interesting evening.

    RIP Caballo Blanco.

  • Just noticed there was already a thread about this. Sorry about duplication
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