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Hi all

I am having a tooth removed tomorrow image I know I won't be able to run for a couple of days. Am doing vlm 2 weeks on sunday, am worried it won't have healed in time. Any one had a tooth removed 2 and a bit weeks before a marathon. Will I be ok

Thanks Paula


  • I know someone who had a scale and polish and couldn't run for months!! Seriously do we have April Fool's week now or something????
  • I've had several extractions and apart from not running immediately afterwards I have never had any problems. If the the site of the extraction is giving you problems after 48 hours or more then you should contact your dentist.  Unless there is some huge unforeseen problem the you should be fine for London.  Good luck image.
  • Oh yeah shoot the f**king messenger
  • You will be fine after 48 hours to run as long as no complications.
  • I had a wisdom tooth out a couple of weeks ago. That afternoon, I went on a brisk walk. The next day I ran seven miles. Mind you, it didn't really stop bleeding for four days image.

    Just saying, you'll be fine.

  • I had 4 wisdom teeth out under a general anaesthetic. My only advice is this, if someone makes you soup to help you recover and forgets to tell you it is spicy parsnip, don't ea it!! Spicy soup plus open wound in the mouth = serious pain!

    You'll be fine for the marathon though. I was back to work in 2 days and fine within a week.
  • Well had tooth removed, was a straight forward extraction told not to run for couple of days so should b ok if don't get an infection. It will b nice to have couple of days off actually. So fingers crossed for 22nd April. image thanks for putting my mind at rest.
  • De nada
  • Tom Goom wrote (see)
    I had 4 wisdom teeth out under a general anaesthetic.

    Did you manage to eat solids afterwards? 

    I found it annoying enough trying to keep crunchy bits away from one side of my mouth. Can't imagine trying to avoid both sides, top and bottom image.

  • So what happened? How did the race go? I'm very curious because I'm in the same boat currently. It's two weeks and a couple days from the Chicago Marathon and I'll have a tooth extracted tomorrow morning. I'm really worried about everything going smoothly. It is an abscessed tooth and I'm on antibiotics.
  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    When I was younger I had 4 out and went out and played football in the afternoon. No pain at all but plenty of blood! It was fine by the following day. Could heal a broken leg in 2 weeks, you'll have no issues image

  • Thanks for the boost in confidence...I've had a string of bad luck this month...eye injury, bizarre skin condition, heal pain/ stress fracture pain, so this was I felt the last nail in the coffin. Dentist office is giving me over the top advise on refraining from physical activity...I guess the concern is about the clot mostly.
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