The Wolf Run

I hope it warms up a bit by the weekend. Don't fancy having to break ice on the ponds like they do at the Tough Guy!


  • not the only one worrying about the dramatic change in he weather.......felt quite positive about this event at the weekend when I was running in sunshine
  • I'm visiting family in warks this weekend and like the look of this, I don't know anyone in the area that would do this with me. On the site it says people are better in a group, if I do it on my own will it matter?

  • Did this event in April 2012 and loved it. Great organisation, well set up course with some fun stuff and some challenging stuff and a really good vibe. I did it on my own but teamed up with some other runners at the start and ended up running most of it with them. Saw lots of teams who seemed to be having a good time - even a few mud fights in the lake! - so think I'd do it that way next time. Also great tech t-shirt at the end of the run!

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