Manchester Marathon

My life has been consumed by the marathon, if i'm not running, I'm thinking about running. When I'm running I'm thinking about nutrition. Is this always the same for first timers. My family think I'm obsessed, thank God they are so supportiveimage


  • after u cross the finish line you will become consumed by your 2nd marathon and so the cycle continues. good luck, im doing manchester 2
  • Hi Rebekah, I just wanted to say how inspirational I found your description of running the marathon yesterday. It brought a tear to my eye. I'm training for my first marathon on May 20th (Windermere). I'm every bit as obsessed as you!! Very well done. I hope I do as well as you! Kate
  • Thanks Kate, I hope the weather is better for you than it was for us. You live and learn, but next time, I will be better prepared and take gloves and a plastic rain mac if it's even threatening to be that cold and windy again. Was so glad we'd took a flask, because it was the best hot drink I've ever had in my life and probably the most needed!!

    Good luck, enjoy yourself and hope you finish with a smileimage Becky

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