Zipvit Gel.

Testing gels for a Marathon & just looking at Zipvit energy gels. There is 51g of carbs per sachet, which is high when looking at other gels on the market. So does that mean they will work better ?

ALSO - Can't seem to find out if water is needed with each one.


  • I know i took one of their caffine gels that was given out free at a race last year....i flew the last few miles as it had a massive caffine hit in it.

    Are you testing gels for Brighton or london?...bit close to be races for experiments for me.

  • I've used the ZipVit gels. They say that they don't need water, but they are very thick in texture and I find that I need water to wash them down. otherwise the taste is fine, but that is a very personal thing.
    For ease of consumption, my own favourite are SiS Go gels, but each to their own.
  • London. 3 weeks is close I know but was wondering if they work better than others out there. Hoping.

    Lucozade is revolting and too sticky. Could build a house with those. They are the ones handed out at the VLM. In case ran out of gels I had thought it would be a good idea to use Lucozade. But - No way..I will just carry Loads of something else.

    Torq are good & no water needed at point of taking but no 'flying' like you experienced with zipvit.

  • I’ve used SiS before and find they taste OK, but are heavy as they are a no water gel. Gu is my current favourite and they are a lighter with water gel, so carrying four at a race is OK – although they take a bit of ‘chewing’. I use non-caffeine (lime flavour) at miles 5, 10 and 15, then save a caffeine gel (chocolate flavour) for mile 20. Always have water soon afterwards. (I’ve tried ‘torq’, but find they unsettle my natural methane balance!)

    Best bet is practice on a long run (10 mile plus would be OK if it is just a fuel/ unsettling of stomach experiment), if you have time.

    (Can't comment on zipvit, but hope the above helps).

  • Hi. I use Zipvit and really feel the benefit when racing, I ve only done a half marathon on them but felt they really worked at 11 miles when I started to flag. Big boost of energy that helped me get through the last two miles. They are really thick compared to others but for me work the best. I found just taking one slowly over a few hundred metres worked well. Others I train with like Torq and GU just found that the level of carbs was to low for me plus I think the caffeine helps! Good luck
  • If you were at mile 11 I would have thought one of the other gels with lower carbs would have worked equally well as 50g of carbs could take up to an hour to digest fully. Hopefully the OP has finished their marathon now!
  • Bit late, but better late then never?!  I use ZipVit gels with cafeen for all my events.  I first used them when running a marathon simply because they were the only gel I could take without gagging.  I only took two - one at mile 15 and one at mile 20. I don't find I get an instant hit with any gel, but the cafeen in these I really notice (hence only taking towards the end as an aid to mental battles rather than physical).  I've used them for half marathons, triathlons and long distance triathlons since and wouldn't change.

    I only read the pacakage a few weeks ago that states "take 90mins before ending your workout"... Since I have taken my gel far earlier on my ride (way before I feel I need it) or even just before I start my run and have noticed a huge difference.  The carbs really last the distance and slow release that I find stop me ever gettign to the stage of really needing "that" hit to get me through.  Result = far easier and steadier run with negative splits. Whether it's the gel or not I'm a happy gal and won't change!

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