Talkback: Run to the Beat Half-Marathon: Registration Now Open!

46.00 pound are you for real.


  • I saw that too - i can't believe how expensive running races have become nowadays. Seem to be paying through the roof for races that used to be so little. How to they get away with nearly 50 quid?! Crazy!
  • It may be 'Editors choice' but last year wasn't worth the entry fee!
  • Run in smaller races that have less competitors and so cost less to organise and cost less to enter.

    Those races often though are just that races, and so are less popular as a result.

    There are more people who want to run than race.

    Best learn to race.

    It costs less.

  • £46 ??? My thoughts exactly! I did this 2 years ago and it was a really boring route even with the the odd pockets of music, that said I was willing to go for it again this year till I saw the cost. I have now decided to do the 16mile Kingston breakfast run which I did (shorter distance though) a few years back and really enjoyed!

  • Don't do it (tick) I'll be doing 3 races this Easter weekend. Will cost me about £9.
  • There's no way I'd pay that sort of money to enter a race, but as Stephen says, it's not really a race - it's an 'event'.

    Club-organised races are much better value, and often better organised.

  • I thought it got some poor reviews from the previous year. Its mega expensive. Surely the GNR is cheaper and thats a huge event . . .

    Is there any other big half marathons in London?
  • World-class DJs?  image  Is this a race or a disco?

    And how long to you get to hear Calvin's mastery of the turntable?  As long as it takes you to run past him?  Do you slow down, to get better value for your money? image

    The fact that other races cost more doesn't make this one look any better to me!

  • There is a  choice if you are willing to pay then go ahead and if you don't want to then don't simples....image

    I actually prefer the smaller ones but did do this one in it's second year I don't remember it being so expensive.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    I don't think people are missing the point at all.  They're expressing a preference for paying a lot less for what is often a better organised or faster race without an awful lot of unnecessary pfaff.  This is officially my local half marathon (2.5 mile slightly net downhill warm-up jog to the start line) but I would much rather turn up and race the Great Eastern Run in Peterborough about the same time of year, even if my outgoings for the day were the same due to increased travel costs.  (Which they wouldn't be cos I'd be getting a lift from a club mate.  image )
  • "World-class DJs".  What sort of training do you need to do to get world class at putting records on?
  • Calvin Harris actually played a set at the finish line last year - i did it with 2 mates and we had a little boogie with the rest of the crowd to warm down - it was absolutley brilliant!

    Agree it's perhaps not to everyone's taste but was great for us as it was both my friend's first long run and if it wasn't for the music and atmosphere I don't think they'd have made it...

    It's obvious to see why it's more expensive and i can second that the T-shirt is really nice too. It's not your conventional run but no need to slam it if it's not up your street - different things work for different people. For the record I LOVED IT!

  • Nice race choice, PhilPub. It's a good one. image Probably is my local half.
  • It's a Rip Off at £46, Great North run is fast becoming the same.

    I've just run the Rome Marathon for 36 Euros !!1image

  • Amazing the number of first time posters that say it is great!
  • Amazing the number of first time posters that say it is great!!
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Helen Liz wrote (see)
    Nice race choice, PhilPub. It's a good one. image Probably is my local half.
    I did it in 2008 and I think I'll be back this year for another PB attempt.  I may try and nominate it as the club HM championship race so that I've got a few other blue vests to run with.  And the lift up, of course.  image
  • I started thinking this might be a really good one to do. But then I think about the price. Plus I would need to travel down. I am sure it will be a great one being based in London. I can see why people might pay but until I get better fitness, going to aim for a local one. Cheers for the heads up.
  • Well.... each to their own and all that. If this type of thing is what some people are into, I wouldn't knock them for it. After all, if they all suddenly started turning up in droves at the smaller and cheaper races I prefer, I'd probably be a bit peeved.

    But yes, some races just seem to cost waaaay too much. That's how I got into ultras this year, after comparing the £48 fee for a marathon with the £13 fee for a 33 miler and the £17 fee for a 40 miler.

  • I did this last year as my first half marathon (i have since run 3 more) and it stands out for me.  It was a great race with an amazing atmosphere. Yes it's expensive but you get a proper dri-fit t shirt which i still wear not a rubbishy cotton one and it's in London, premimum spot, great supporters and I thought the route was pretty good, not enough "beats" for my liking for a race called run to the beat but I wouldn't miss it!
  • a race organised purely for commercial purposes.

     i've done it twice, it even goes past my flat but i'm not particularly inclined to enter again given when i did its first year it was less than 30 quid. its even more than the marathon!

    difficult for a PB too, couple of big hills but also takes ages for the field to thin out

    guess if its the only race you do in a year then fair enough, but savvier runners will do races like paddock wood last week - less than half the price and preferable in every aspect.

    "RW editors choice"? wonder how many free places were given as part of the promotional marketing....

  • I ran this in its 2nd year and then played a 30 minute set with my band at the finish line. Great fun was had by (nearly) all... Good way to warm down anyway!

    We documented it here:

    or here: image

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  • I agree this is pricey, but you do get a nice t-shirt that you would wear again! I did it last year and quite enjoyed, but it was pretty packed and difficult to get going! Not enough beats for a race called run to the beat either. I was also really disappointed as it came up well short of half marathon distance on my garmin yet the organisers were insistent it was measured correctly!!
  • I ran it in 2010 & it was good, it's close to me as I'm in East London & I wasn't fussed about the music as you only hear each one for about a minute, but I hate the fact that you have to wear their shirt as it has the number pre-printed. It's more of a branding exercise than a running event. When they say you get a free shirt, they don't tell you it's got the number on it. Even though I entered it last year I didn't run it & have chosen not to enter it this year, i'm doing the Ealing half marathon instead as yes £46 is too expensive. As for the distance, it was correct on my GPS.
  • The event is now full, however, if anyone is interested in still entering and would like to do it for a good cause ARCHIVE UK (architecture for health in vulnerable environments) still has places if you wish to run for us. What's more it's only £30 if you run for us (covers t shirt, part of entry cost, small gift, postage). Furthermore you'll get regular tips for running and fundraising.

    For more information contact me at

    And to view the charlity that you will be running for visit our website at

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