OUt of date passport and VLM

starting to panic now, I've got so much going on in my life round now that is bad and I'm not coping too well.

One of the things on the list is the ID required for VLM, I dont' drive so I dont' have a photographic driving licence and I've just discovered my passport expired last year. does anyone know if they will still accept an expired passport as ID? I've just lost my benefit payments via ESA without any warning and can't afford to get my passport renewed, before I phone VLM peeps tomorrow does anyone know if they will accept passport if the date has expired?



  • Hi Loon. There is someone on here who had the same problem. He phoned VLM and they said that an expired passport would be OK.


    Just rang VLM.

    My expired passport will be ok.

    I would be amazed if they didn't accept it anyway - they only need to know you are who you say you are.

  • A letter from HMRC also is the same 'class' of id as a passport or photolicense
  • thanks image
  • No problem.

    Thinking about it, they are not even going to check the date on it. If you had to look at the IDs of x-thousand runners you would wouldn't do more than have a quick glance at the photo.

    Anyway, you can stop fretting now!

  • thanks peeps,I've had a really really difficult few days after the DWP decided I am fit for work and stopped my money two weeks ago but only decided to tell me on friday. I'm not having a very good time but slowly working through all that needs sorting
  • hasten to add only coping and sorting the appeal etc thanks to family and Mind image life huh

  • how apt i am having the same problem, can't find my current passpprt(turned the house upsidedown shook it) and don't have a photo driving licence. But i do have my old paasport, so that shouls be ok.....then ,i bloody hope so. i think i'll give them a call. i have sent off for a photo card driving licence but it says up to three weeks to come back. that could cut it a bit fine .
  • Hang in there Loon! Your life does sound really tough at the moment, but you know it's going to get better eventually. It always does. You wouldn't be a marathon runner if you weren't a survivor.
  • thanks Kryten, am a marathon hobbler in a mad hatters costume this year image hip is truly bollixed so plan to have a fab day on a deferred place with friends and just get round image that's hard enough in itself, not the friends obviously, but the hobbling image

  • Loon we are all there for you.
    Hugs on order for you.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Yes I have had my expired passport cheerfully accepted as proof of my identity at the Expo.
  • thankyou all xx
  • See you in the pub after and buy you a Cinzano image

  • I'm counting on it image
  • Loon - big hugs waiting for you at Mudchute!
  • My passport expires in September, and I'm going to Barcelona in May.

    I know you're supposed to have six months on a pp, is it likely to be a problem?  Or should I get it replaced now?

     Edit: found out from the FCO - it only needs to be valid for the proposed duration of the stay.

  • Wilkie I believe it only needs to have 6 months on it if you are going outside the EU
  • passports are sneaky little buggers, expiring all quiet like, they should have an alarm on them when they are due to expire image
  • Judging by my photo I was the one that expired 6 months ago....
  • BBH - haha!

    not as bad as my OH, he looks like a terrorist on his, I'm surprised we havent been stopped by now. . . . .


  • PMSL BBH image
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