GArmin 305 - mile splits possible?

I've got a benchmark race coming up this weekend - not a marathon, just 5 miles - but important to me all the same as it's my first since training after an injury last year.   I'm racing against myself, really, if you know the feeling!

I'd like to capture my performance on my Garmin 305 by getting the mile splits.  Is this possible?

When I download to Fetcheveryone, it's frustrating to see percentages of time spent at different paces - I don't want this at all. 

Sorry if it seems very obvious to others but I acquired the Garmin with no instructions and this data would be great to have for a post-race analysis.


  • play with the will find one that will let you measure a lap at a set distance......put that to mile markers..then when you look at the history after the run it will show each lap time.which will be your miles
  • Assuming most of the Garmins have the same general menu system... On my 405 you'd select the following: Menu, training, options, autolap, by distance, then toggle up or down till the distance is set at 1.00 miles. Once you've done that, when you upload to Fetch or Runningfree your mile splits will be easy to check out.
  • Also if you google Garmin 305 manual you should be able to download a pdf version of the instructions.
  • Assuming it works in a similar way to my ancient 101:
    When you set it to auto mile laps, it will also tell you on the run what the time for the last mile was as you go through the race. I have mine permanently set on this setting. (You can turn the beeps on or off).
    If you can't wait to get home to see your splits: Reset the watch after the run, and it goes into your history. When you go through history, go to the run which you are interested in, and click on it, and then you can scroll through each mile split.

    I recommend trying it out on training runs first.
  • Thanks guys!  Seems to be simpler than I thought.   Much appreciated!

  • Oh, one more query - sorry if this seems obvious but I just don't know.  When I start to race,having done the above, do I still need to press 'Start?' or do I press Lap instead of Start?

  • At the start, press Start.

    The Garmin will notch up the laps (miles), then you press Stop at the finish.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    And when you've done that, press and hold down Reset to save the race to the device's memory. Otherwise it will treat your next run as a continuation.

  • thanks, Wilkie and Muttley!
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    And if you want to see these splits as you're going round during the race itself, as I like to do rather than having current pace showing, set one of the data fields to ''Time - last lap''.  It will automatically show up for a few seconds as the lap passes by but you might miss catching it.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    That comes up automatically across the screen anyway, doesn't it? On my 305 a little box is superimposed in the middle of the screen with lap number and time for about 5 seconds or so, then it disappears.
  • I use a 405, but I expect the principle is the same.

    As each lap is completed a little box as Muttley describes appears.

    I set the watch it to show average pace for the current lap and and average pace for the whole run on one screen, and distance and elapsed time on another.

    OP - you should be able to download the full manual from the Garmin website.

  • Interestingly, you can set the auto-lap to give mile splits but still have other data fields set for km, e.g., current lap pace. This could help if you're in euro-land but are using a RW UK training schedule, for example.

    Secondly, You can use the auto-lap to do an interval session withoutout having to program a complicated workout. If you want to do say 6 x 1 mile with roughly 200 m jogs in between (mixed units again) then set the auto-lap to miles, press lap as you start the first mile after the warm up, it will then auto-lap after 1 mile to indicate the end of the interval; then you jog for the approx desired distance (200 m) taking into acount what is convenient for you, e.g. cross a road before the next interval; when you want to start the next interval, press lap to finish the jog recovery and it will then auto-lap a new mile for you.  So long as the jog recovery is less than a mile then this works nicely because you don't have to follow the recovery jog slavishly like you do with a programmed workout. For this interval session its handy to have fields set up for current lap pace, lap distance.

  • Thanks, Steve! Both paragraphs very useful and I willl experiment...

    I really like the bit about not having to folllow the set recovery jogs slavishly, 

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    And when you've done that, press and hold down Reset to save the race to the device's memory. Otherwise it will treat your next run as a continuation.

    Wow, I never knew that. I put mine on to the computer after every run.
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