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So at the weekend I went over on my ankle an am unable to do VLM now image I'm hoping it won't affect outlaw training too much, though I need a week off cycling at least as well as a week off swimming... but annoyingly I don't think I will be able to run for 3 weeks at least.

Has anybody tried Aqua Running? I was thinking of trying it for 2 weeks or so... But £30 for a weight is quite a lot for something I may only use 4 times. Does anybody have a weight I could perhaps borrow for a couple of weeks?

Those who have done it - did you try to recreate your usual runs in a pool... Possibly a longer run, an interval session and an easy run? I can imagine its not the most exciting way to spend time??

Thanks image


  • I've done it for up to three hours at a time (panic training for a marathon after a gin / high heels insterface went wrong). It's very boring, luckily the pool I was at the lifeguards had a radio on. I did 15 minutes of variations of leg things followed by swimming two lengths to break it up. I borrowed a belt off a friend.

  • Wow - 3 hours???

     Is it comparable to running at the same intensity / duration?

    Thanks DTB

  • GB I have an aqua jogger belt (but no weights) that you can have

    I did it with a waterproof MP3 on and a herd of pensioners staring at me. I did build up a sweat (odd in water)

  • Hi Madge, sorry that is what I meant rather than a weight image I have sent you a pm
  • No msg in inbox here but the forum PM doesn't always work. I've messaged you on FB -( or a complete stranger saying Is that you Golden Boots......)

  • I don't check in here that often - if you don't get fb mail contact me via Siggy
  • I borrowed a belt from the pool as and when I needed it, bit boring but it's definitely good.
  • Interesting. most people have a problem with a lack of bouyancy, and so need floats rather than weights when aqua-runnng.

    Water might seem to be a safe place to run but it provides a heck of a lot of resistance. People with knee problems are advised not to breaststroke. I would be very careful with an ankle. It might not be the right thing to do.

    I did aqua jogging (at first with a belt, then found I didnt need it, unfortunately I had plenty of natural bouyancy). I could only go at one pace -  slightly slower than the breaststroking grannies.

  • GB, you've got FB email!
  • gb - firstly,i am really sorry to hear you won't be doing the VLM now. I hope you get that ankle fixed up in time for Outlaw. where are you based? it might be worth seeing if you have an alterg treadmill near you. I went over on my ankle in october and still ran, using the alterg. i am in the south west.
  • Oii - just had a look on the site, is it a coincidence... But that place is less than a mile away from me! How regularly use it? Any comparison to aqua running?
  • are you south east then? i'm in Gloucestershire and the nearest one is 5 miles from me, i am so lucky!

    I used it once a week for three months. jan- march 2012. It is a wee bit boring, doing half marathons on a treadmill. but it means you can still run, and running pain free is a massive buzz. i found it a massive confidence booster, running but minus niggles. its also helped me get quicker, as it taught me to turn my legs over quicker. easier said than done when you much prefer a plod (0: i am a 10k 60 mins kinda girl. and i was doing 14k in 65 mins by the end. i started at 50% body weight (because of the ankle) and at the end of the three months i was on the alterg at 85% body weight.

    i havent used aqua running. my pool is pretty busy!
  • I live right around the corner from the Chiswick one. They dont have any prices listed unfortunately, but may give them a call. I guess it will be quite an expensive thing?
  • mine was £20 a sesh. Which is a lot, but the ankle injury meant my spring mara training wasnt happening. So i paid £200 for 10 sessions. (and didnt have a social life for january!).

    get in touch with them to ask for prices/if they have a deal on. was a massive blow at at the time to have my 2012 training halted pretty much right at the beginning of the year.

    i thought the ankle injury was healed, as soon as i started to increase the miles for sping mara season, it blew up. hence the alterg.

    I have recently got a severe shin splint friend on my local alterg, she is so chuffed she can get back to her training!
  • I've used pool running several times when recovering from a leg injury and it's helped me. But I've also kept pretty fit by swimming using a pull bouy to isolate my legs. Used our indoor bike trainer too, with a strapping on my injured foot. Every time my recovery to full fitness has been a lot faster than if I hadn't exercised.
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