Anyone in Colchester?

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone from the 'site in Colchester Essex? Without joinig yet another club (I'm already paying for a triathlon club and gym membership for swimming) I'm trying to find running partners in or around town. I've tried joggingbuddy and facebook but they've proved to be a bit quiet.

I have a half-ironman in July so my focus is training for the half-marathon distance at the moment.

Anyone out there????





  • Hi -I'm looking to find some running partners in Colchester- are you still looking? I have a place in London marathon but at 56 and at the beginning of training may be a bit slow for you.  But let me know if you are interested- I'm in Old Heath area.

  • Hi John, I am still looking but my running has progressed since April when I placed this post. I meet a few guys at Runner's World (24 Peartree Centre, Stanway, Colchester, Co3 0JN) at 6pm Mondays. This is usually a 6-8 mile trot with friends if you want to join us.

    However, between these days I do 35-50 miles per week as I train for a few ultra marathons I've entered. I did a 37 miler on Sunday (3 times around Mersea Island) and I'm seriously looking at entering the MdS.

    My pace is slow and steady (10-14 minute miles) so hopefully that would be ok for you?


  • I'm in highwoods colchester. I'm also a newbie with a place in the London marathon.
  • Hi Rachel, well done on getting a place - I hear quite a few were let down. You're more than welcome to join us at Runner's World tomorrow evening at 6pm? (the address is just above). It's my taper week so it will be a slow steady one for me ready for race day saturday.

  • Thank you. My partner is working lates next week so I'm gonna have to get my runs in at the crack of dawn unfortunately.
  • Hi Rachel, well done on your marathon place.I'm hoping to find a few people looking for running partners for weekend runs.  I warn you I'm a bit on the slow side but getting quicker slowly if that makes sense. From where I am there's some nice runs down to Wivenhoe and Friday woods.  Let me know if you and anyone else fancies doing some runs together.


  • I'm definitely on the slow side too! Are you following a training plan? How far are you running?
  • Ah, I do the school run most mornings so can't get out early much. The Runner's World shop run is one run I do regularly though - the more the merrier if anyone can make it. Racing this Saturday so next Monday I'll be socialising in the shop instead lol. After this I'll be on a training program for the St Peter's Way in February.


  • I do the school run too but I'm not running that far yet so it's not too bad. You're busy!! I've signed up for the colchester half marathon in march and there's a 5 miler in southend in December. Anything else you recommend? Good luck with the race x
  • I like to keep busy lol, yesterday's run was 'sporting' - wading through swollen streams during a hailstorm lol. Mind you, the T-shirt and medal were worth it. Good luck with the Colchester half, my wife has signed up for the same one so it will be on the sidelines with our son for a change lol.

    As for other events, if you go into Runner's World shop, there is a free magazine on the counter called 'Southern Running' (I think). Plus Andy will be his usual helpful self if you ask him about local events. (mind his toe lol)

    Sorry for my delay btw, I tick the 'e-mail me when a response is made' but I'm not getting the e-mails?


  • Oh dear what has he done to his toe? lol.  Weve just got back from a week in Dorset.  Definitely found the hills and mud a bit more challenging than the roads around here. Im consistently getting better though so i cant complain. 

    I find it hit and miss with the notifications on here too.  Have you ever done the Santa run?

  • I'll spare you the graphic details but he can't use it for a while! I'm sure the Dorset hills were more effort that running around here but glad you're getting better. The race last week was crazy! Howling wind off the sea, rain and hail, then the stream crossings and marshland lol.

    We'll be at Runner's World as normal tomorrow night at 6pm - Rachel, John?

  • I'm intrigued now!!! I'm gonna have to pass this week. My other half has torn a ligament in his back and can hardly walk. I'm not sure he'd cope if I left him at bath and bed time lol. I'm fed up with his oohs and ahhs already, hope its a quick recovery lol.
  • Ha ha, ask him about it sometime. Sorry to hear about your other half, have you considered ear plugs? lol. Good luck with the nursing, it will probably be raining tomorrow anyway lol.

  • I ran in the rain this morning. I actually quite enjoyed it lol. Ear plugs probably would help but I'd still have to watch him walking around like he's pooped his pants. Lol I don't do sympathy!
  • Ear plugs and blindfold maybe? I'm running out of suggestions here lol. It was raining earlier when I ran through town, more tomorrow image

    Have a good week

  • We're still doing the Monday evening run from Runner's World if anyone fancies it? 6pm at the shop image

  • Peds,I live in Colchester (Fingringhoe) and am also training for the St Peters Way Ultra. Slow and steady on longs runs - similar pace to yourself. Wasit you who was in the Essex County Standard the other week?

    Message me and we can exchange emails as I'd be up for a few runs round Mersea or long runs anywhere.


  • Hi Liz, I was in the Colchester Gazette on an exercise bike? Yes, I'm entering the St Peter's Way, just haven't paid up yet image I've pm'd you about meeting up, have a good day and speak soon.



  • Good to meet you earlier this evening Liz, I'll e-mail you this evening and we can arrange some more meets. Mersea is on the cards again image

  • To anyone reading this, we still meet at Runner's World in Colchester at 6pm on a Monday and yes - we still run around Mersea Island if anyone wants to join us...?

  • Round the island is a good route, I really enjoyed Sunday despite the howling gale. Looking forward to next time. image

  • Same again this Sunday if anyone can make it. 8am in the lay by - on the right hand fork - just over the Strood. One or two laps, 12 miles of single track, beach and a bit of tarmac thrown in per lap. Three of us so far, hope to see you there.

  • We're still doing these runs if anyone is interested. PM me for more details...

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